Diabro.net: has anyone ordered a Chloe bag from them?

  1. I'm tempted, but I'd love to hear your experiences. Are they as reliable as aloha rag? are you charged duties on your purchase like LVR?
  2. I haven't personally but apparently they are legit. If you do a search on the posts you will see a post about them

    Good luck
  3. I saw something on the Balenciaga thread, but the poster was complaining that her bag was stuffed into a too small box.

    I do know that if you happen to have problems with the bag down the road, and you are in the US, repair is a lot easier if you purchased the bag the US. Shipping the bag back to France and getting approval for repair is a royal pain in the @ss. Maybe it's safer buying from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.

    I think I'll order something small from them and see how it goes. Those McQueen scarves are calling my name.
  4. Aw Sparkle I can imagine. Ihave the opposite problem being in the UK - issues with customs etc from the US.

    good luck with what you decide - can't wait to see what you go for.
  5. i'm curious as well, i have my eye on something...:graucho: i just read on the bbag forum that someone had problems with them asking for a driver's license and bank statement.
  6. If this is a Japan site, and your credit card is issued by a US Bank, they may not be able to verify it fully, so they asked for additional information. I live in Asia and I have to do the same when I order from US sites. For example, Botkier asked for your copies of your passport and credit card for international customers (read their website). I noticed Diabro.net accepts paypal, so paypal would be the best option. It also provides dispute resolution if you are not satisfied with the purchase.
  7. When I made booking reservations for my trip to Asia I was asked to fax a copy of my passport or driver's license to prove identification. Similarly, my friend in Singapore was asked to do the same when she signed up for a webhosting company here in California. I think the requests for identification are as jems332 says for verification purposes and are actually more common than thought but I have never heard of bank statements being asked.
  8. wow i didn't know they accepted paypal. now i'm very tempted. has anyone had any experiences with them and customs? like how much they are?
  9. I just received a baby paddington from them. I didnt pay any customs because Diabro is willing to reduce the declared value for customs. They will email you to ask what value you want them to use.
  10. the fendi spay bags there look suspicious
  11. i just ordered my first paddington, the medium bleu nuit from them, shipping was fast, and also i didn't pay customs either. in my opinion they were really good at communication and fast in getting the bag to me - and obviously i love the bag :heart: and it was in beautiful condition when i received it!
  12. I agree with the communication issue! They are quick and very accommodating but I have yet to order from them but honestly won't hesitate to when I am done with my purse ban. :yes: