Diabro.net day bag not f/w

  1. I just received my black day from diabro.net, but it's tag has a 1, not a 3, on it. My order states autumm/winter, but did not receive one. I guess I'm going to e-mail them. Just wanted to tell you to check your tags!
  2. That's upsetting- hope you get your F/W day.
  3. Hallo, you should email them and let them know the situation. They should be very helpful in your case. It is their fault and not yours. Good luck:smile:
  4. hmmm. that's too bad. keep us informed when you get a hold of them will 'ya?
  5. I sent an e-mail yesterday stating I wanted to return the item as it was not what I had ordered, and the return policy states that they will contact you with their reply within the next 12 hours... no reply, so I sent another e-mail today simply stating that I ordered the f/w and received a s/s. Hopefully there will be no problems.
  6. pardon my ignorance, but what does a 1 signify, and what does a 3 signify? sorry..new to balenciaga!

    and, i hope everything works out for you mackwall4 :smile:
  7. 1 is for Spring/Summer pre-/collection
    3 is for Fall/Winter pre-/collection

  8. I mailed the bag back today, and it will arrive on the 31st. We shall see what happens.
  9. :tup:
    Diabro.net has sent a beautiful vein free f/w day bag. It arrived today and will post pics when I figure out how!!
    They have said they will pay for my shipping fees back to them because it was their mistake--I haven't cleared that up just yet, but the bag they sent was what I had hoped for in the first place.
    All in all, a great bag now!:yahoo:
  10. congrats!!! :tup: can't wait to see your beautiful bag!
  11. so is the bag from diabro.net authentic ?
  12. Yes, Diabro sells authentic bags.
  13. The s/s bag was authentic, just not what I had ordered, so they exchanged it with an a/w bag that was what I had wanted. They sell authentic bags, but as has been discussed before, they do not have a return policy. I got a different bag, due to the incorrect one sent first.
  14. So happy to hear you received the bag you wanted!