Diabro.net (Bvlgari)

  1. hey ladies,

    i found this forum at google...

    i'm interested to buy a bvlgari ring (b-zero 1/MM) at diabro, because its so much cheaper as here in germany. (500 eur at diabro instead of 900eur at bvlgari)...tax in germany would be 21,5% on top of 500eur.

    BVLGARI - B-Zero 1 WG Ring MM - diabro.net

    do they sell authentic rings?

    could that be so cheap? what about the prices in usa for a b-zero 1-ring??

    if not, it seems to be impossible to get the money back. a few days before, the customer service of diabro told me, they accept refunds if i'm not satisfied BUT:

    as i wanted to order the ring, i saw on their page, that they have changed their conditions!

    now you can read on "shipping returns":


    In the case of exceptional circumstances we will consider returns and refunds at our discretion. After performing a quality control check, accepted refunds will be processed within three days of receiving the returned merchandise."

    i would like to check the diabro-ring in a bvlgari store here in hamburg/germany when i get it. if its not authentic, i would sent it immediately back.
    dont know what to do...:wtf:

    any reports about diabro are welcome!!!

    thanks and sorry for my english........:supacool: