Diabro has new stock in!!!

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  1. including a violet city! and a ivory courier! and new wallets too!

    hopefully they will get their GH stock in soon!
  2. woah. i'm looking at the site 6 min after you posted that and no sights of the violet!
  3. Violet city is gone:wtf: that was quick
  4. :wtf: violet gone already?! but its still showing up for me!
  5. I don't see violet either. Is it already sold out?
  6. ok, gone now... :sad:... sorry guys got ya all excited! I'm constantly checking for GH bags!
  7. I'll come clean. I purchased the violet city. I think they must have had just one unless others purchased around the same time but since it showed up as unavailable after I finished the check out process I have to believe they only had one. I'll post pics after I get it!
  8. I am also waiting for them to get the sgh, being in europe it's really convinient since they ship as you request.