Diabro has increased their prices!?

  1. I've been 'observing' Diabro.net for their Bbags continuously for a month now, and found today they've put up their prices!:push: Although not much, about $50-$80 each bag, I feel I've lost out again because of my indecisive manner of doing things:tdown:!(I was considering between a steel and a sienna city!)~ So does Diabro do this normally? adjusts their prices every now and then???:confused1:
  2. I've never bought from them before but like you have been checking every few days for ne items in the hope I could get something I really wanted for a good price :s

    This kind of thing usually happens to me though lol because I'm so slow to decide on whether I like something or not.
  3. Whaooo.. they did.. I got a wallet for 307... like 2 weeks ago... and now it's listed at 398~! thats a big price difference :confused1:
  4. maybe cos of high demand....so high price!
  5. exactly oggiewoogie!! you're a lucky girl!~
  6. They also adjust price depending on the fluctuation of the exchange rates between Yen and US$. I've just read in the newspaper that the Euro has reached an all-time record in the exchange rates over the dollar, maybe it's the same with the Yen? So they increased the prices in US$?
  7. Oh oh you're so right fraublucher!~ Same as the pounds~~so strong now!~
    well...as a little potato like me...I still feel gutted when see the face value is up although the real value is the same!!!:sad:
  8. i think it's like buying airplane ticket online. the more people searching on it, they will increase the price.
  9. OMG, you're right! I checked yesterday but not today until now and the bag I was eyeing went up by approx $30, and like you, I take forever deciding. crap, that extra cost is the price of shipping for me!
  10. Fraublucher is correct. On my returned reply from Diabro they indeed confirmed it.
  11. on the brighter side, it's helping my wallet by NOT buying! :p
  12. I was just going to post this. Wow... there goes my online source of great deals!!!
  13. Just as their prices fluctuate UP, they also fluctuate DOWN. So don't despair.
  14. oh wow...that sienna city when i bought it was 950 something
  15. \

    feifei pls show me your pic of sienna city?!?!? dying to see your modelling pic!!!:wlae::tup: