Diabro got some new bags (jaune, violet)

  1. If anyone is interested: they´ve got the city in both colors, the first in violet also the matellasse and in vert foret and violet.
  2. is there custom fees if you order from them?
  3. ^^ lv - i just ordered a courier from them and i wasn't charged any custom fees - they mark the package as a gift with a low value. give them a try!
  4. I'm lemming for a rouge first... hmm
  5. awesome thanks, I need to give them a try for sure.
  6. I spy a gorgeous Marine First on Diabro...Seesh, they won't last for long!!! My Marine City is so close to Indigo 05, I am so tempted to get it in the First too...Awwww!!!!
  7. Hey KDC! I dont see the Marine first at all! I wonder if its sold out! I wanted to get one too!
  8. Bal NY had marine firsts (more than one) last week
  9. Hi Ro Ka
    i was wondering if the jaune/violet bags are listed on the web site or do you have to call them?
    is diabro authentic and easy to work with?
  10. I know whistlez, they're gone!!! I started a thread about it in this section. I couldn't believe my eyes:wtf: I hope at least one went to a PF'er:shrugs:

    shoecrazy - thanks for that...when i can afford it, i'll have to call BalNY about their Marine Firsts...last i checked was about 3 weeks ago and they only had 2 marine city's (one had very bad leather) and 3 marine twiggies (all with great leather)...i decided to pass because the twiggy style isn't really for me and i am a real leather buff!