Diabro Customers???

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  1. I'm sorry if this question is repetitious but how much more is added to your bill on top of the USD price?:confused1:

    Any information would be much appreciated?

    Also, did your transaction with paypal mean less aggrevation dollars?
  2. I am in Canada and I just ordered from them recently.....besides the charges from Diabro (cost of bag and shipping)I was only charged for customs when the item got delivered!
  3. Thanks Mona that helps. BTW what did you get???
  4. I got a Balenciaga Hook bag!
  5. My transaction with paypal was completely painless. I believe u are only charged customs once the package comes into the US. Then customs is added based on the amount declared on the package.
  6. Thanks greep!
    So the question that begs to be asked, what amount did Diabro declare on the purchase? Sachoche states a tiny amount does Diabro? Or do they declare the actual value?

    Just curious.:shrugs:
  7. They will ask how much you would like them to declare!

  8. Okay! Is there a big price difference between 1000 dollars and 50 dollars?:rolleyes:
  9. I don't understand the question?
  10. It was poorly written, sorry Mon. I'm trying to ascertain if import duty for 1000 dollars will be radically higher than let's say 50 dollars. The bottom line, if the purse is lost I can only declare the value that has been stated so I should just stick with the truth. It's the best thing.
  11. The import duty is a percentage of the amount written. so I am not sure what the duty rate is in the US, but lets say its 10% than it $100 over $1000 VS. $10 over $100.

    Here in Ontario Canada we also get charged an extra 14% for provincial taxes. so you might also get charged taxes depending on your state.

    Its a risk you take but I haven't heard of anyone loosing their package and the tracking on it is excellent. You will know where it is every step of the way.