Diabro color question: SS and Mastic Need some advice!!!

  1. Hey ladies! I'm interested in the Sandstone City. Okay, more than interested. I'm really, really loving it.:nuts: I realize how difficult it might be to get my hands on one, but Diabro does have it. Here's my question: have you seen the khaki City on Diabro? The color seems off on the site. Diabro has a mastic city right next to the "khaki" (i.e. SS) and ????? The colors on that site look very different than the colors I've seen here.

    Do you think it's safe to get the SS city from Diabro? I really want the color to be similar to all the gorgeous Snadstones I've seen here! The leather, too!

    Opinions? I'd really love some! Thanks :smile:

    BTW, I realize the price is higher at Diabro, but I don't think I can get Sandstone City anywhere else! If you know of a place.........:tup:
  2. Me again! I've been stalking Bluefly for days for the GH Sandstone PT without luck. I really prefer the city; however, if you think that would be a better solution for my fix let me know.
  3. Call Aloha Rag, or, Bal NY. I bet they have it, for the regular price.
  4. I must have called Bal NY about 2 weeks ago and was told that they do have a regular hardware city in sandstone available....
  5. I emailed Diabro a few weeks ago and asked about the khaki colour... they said yes it is Sandstone