diabro. and styledrop?

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  1. remember how bbags aren't suppose to be displayed online? from the diabro thread ITBAG said mayebe japan had diff regulations so it's ok, but how about styledrop? is it authentic? trusthworthy to buy from?
  2. People have bought from both stores and have found them to only sell authentic Balenciagas.

    Licensed Balenciaga retailers are NOT allowed to sell their bags online. However, Raffaello, Diabro, and Styledrops I believe get their bags from 3rd party retailers.
  3. so are they authentic? or cna it be like bluefly's mishap on their gucci bags?
  4. CRAP i pressed post like 5 times cux i thought my comp is going weird again.. MY BAD!!! sorry
  5. Hi, i bought diabro.net before and their balenciaga are authentic...i'm not sure abt styledrop as their pricing seems pretty high as compared to diabro...Also, based on my experience with diabro, their service and response time is fast and i rec'd item with a few days to my country, and i won't be tax as i can declare value as lower than my purchasing price....thanks
  6. I have had good experiences with diabro... I haven't bought from styledrops, but have also heard good reports about them... only negative has been there prices have been a little high.... good luck!
  7. about diabro-

    how can their prices be so low if their based in asia where prices are generally higher? there are some works and weekenders there for $1080!!
  8. oops, please only ask authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky we provided.
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