Diabro and Authenticity (re email from Chloe!)

  1. Hi all,
    I have ordered a couple of times from Diabro now, and I emailed Chloe a while back before I ordered specifically asking if Diabro were authentic stockists. They have taken a while to get back to me and I had read here that they were so I ordered.
    I received a reply today which says:

    Thank you for your email. The only on-line authorized seller of Chloe is

    I'm glad you checked.

    Best regards,

    Does this mean that Diabro are not in fact authentic??? I am concerned now. The leather, features and look all appear the same as things Ive bought/seen in stores but it has got me concerned.
    Just wanted to post my concern with the email here in hope of some reassurance!

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. ^ holy cow!

    In answer to your question, Jaime, Diabro are indeed authentic authentic authentic! The fact that they are not authorised by Chloe does not mean that they are selling fakes, it just means that they have not got an agreement with Chloe.

    Money-laundering asid LOL, Diabro is a shop, owned privately who happens to sell Chloe online as well as in the boutique itself. As the email from Chloe says, NAP is the only authorised online dealer, but they obviously have not done anything about boutiques who are authorised to sell their items in person from trading online as well. Aloharag is another good examle of this, although there are heaps of others!

    So don't worry, your bags are ok (unless of course, they've been bait and switched by returns/exchanges as happens sometimes with Neimans et al... but that's opening a rather unecessary can of worms)!
  3. Whew!
    Thanks for the reassurance. Like I said the bags I have feel, smell and look like my others and others Ive seen in reputable stores here. But when I got that email I had a bit of a panic! I had forgoton I even sent the email it was that long ago and had already made some purchases from what Id read on here.

    Thanks again :smile:
  4. Personally, as I've said before, I have my doubts about Diabro and their merchandise and I wouldn't buy from them. :nogood:
  5. I was thinking and I think maybe the next question to Chloe should be:

    I know Diabro aren't authorised online retailers, but please can you tell me whether they are an authorised store, for people buying in person?
  6. :yes:
    In fact, that's the point.
    If they are an authorised store, there will be less doubts.
    If they aren't...:sweatdrop:...anyway I've never bought from them, but I've read very good opinions about them on TPF.
  7. LOL! One too many 'they's in my previous post! :lol: :push:

    Edited just before the deadline! :sweatdrop:
  8. I think the answer would be "yes", Chloe could provide only 5-6 bags a year to Diabro, so it would be a legitimate, and authorized store.. As I said what I saw was ok, I never ordered something from them so I can't be sure about anything.

  9. Do you mean that Chloe might only supply a small number of bags to them and all the others may be fake and/or grey market?

    I, personally, suspect that they have absolutely no authorisation, or stock supplied from Chloe, but I could be completely wrong, of course. :shrugs:
  10. It was completely by chance that I saw the sign on the Third floor of a corner building in Shinjuku, since you've been there, you know how chaotic it can be there, but I was determined to find out whether they sell authentic stuff or not. The whole area is controlled by the Yakuza, the parking spots, the stores, restaurants, bars (of course) and panchinko arcades.
    The first few days I was completely clueless with the luxury goods stores (fronts as I said), and I was amazed that they were open 24/4 like a 7 11, or Lawson. When I entered a store I immediately noticed that there were no women SAs, but 50-ish guys in ridiculous suits... They didn't seem to be the type that can tell a Paddy from an Edith.

    I quickly connected the dots, and realized that it was a laundry business. Gabling in Japan is illigal, so when you win in panchinko you go to the counter and they give you a "gift" instead of money, you take the gift and you go to the alley behind the panchinko and exchange the "gift" for money, like a pawn shop. Some luxury goods stores, did that and it was obvious, others didn't accept any customers at all. Lets say Diabro SAs didn't help me choose a bag. They were just staring at me checking out the bags.:sweatdrop:

    In a real boutique, SAs will bow 10,000 times and will hold your coat and bag while you browse the goods.
  11. Exactly!:yes:
  12. ^ Ah, I see. :yes:

    If that's the case, surely Chloe must know that they buy from the grey market? As they must, obviously, have many more bags on sale than they are supplied with from Chloe.

    In which case, surely Chloe would stop authorising them and supplying them (if they ever have)? :shrugs:

  13. Very interesting...

    Thanks very much for the invaluable info, lily! :flowers:
  14. Even if Chloe stops supplying Diabro with merchandise, Diabro still will get bags, from the pawn shops I mentioned. Some of the bags, are stolen, some sold for money, others are taken from the wise guys from ppl or business that don't pay for protection etc. No way someone will give a fake bag to the Yakuza, because sooner or later they'll find out and their lives are on stake. Here is a scenario. A Japanese girl plays at the panchinko and gets hooked, she loses some money, the panchinko owner gives her some credit, she can't pay back the dept and she has to pay with her valuables. First she will give any jewelry, and luxury goods she has. If she gives a fake bag or watch, she has to work in a bar as a hostess until the debt is payed. She will never see her authentic bag (purchased legally from Chloe store) again of course, because a European or American girl will probably buy it on line.

    That's why I talked about an ethical dilemma.
  15. ^ But surely, then, the bags would be used? I thought Diabro only sold new bags?

    Also, I thought counterfeits were inexorably linked with organised crime? I understand that gangsters would get annoyed (understatement of the century!) if they were duped with a fake; but if they were the ones doing the duping?

    Either way, for me it is not an ethical dilemma, as I would never buy from them for multiple reasons.