Dia De Los Muertos

  1. i think that this is a really special holiday. i learned about it when i lived in ca, and i've celebrated it ever since. anyone else?
  2. I'm from Mexico, so I know what you're talking about! When I was younger, we used to make altares in school all the time. I'll try to snap some pics if I come across any cool ones. It's nice to hear people in other countries know about it!

    BTW, that's a nice Catrina in your avatar!
  3. Yes, I think it is fasinating. Love sugar skulls too.
  4. I haven't celebrated it because I only really learned about a few months ago, but it sounds really interesting:smile: I heard there is a lot of beautiful artwork done by artists during this time..
  5. i really love the skeletons, and i think it's a really nice way to think of and celebrate loved ones who have passed. it truly is a lovely holiday.

    missmustard- i'd love to see photos! thanks!
  6. We did it this year. I admit I didn't know about it until a few months ago, but my son's school organized a celebration and we all participated.
  7. My class, as well as students from the intro Cultural Anthro and some other courses made altars for a campus event. They were on display yesterday in the Student Center. My colleague at another campus had her students visit Olvera Street in LA for the celebration / events today.

    I finally made an altar for my dad - I really, really tried last year as it was the 10th anniv of his passing, but was a big :crybaby:everytime I got started.

    SO, saved all t he stuff and made an awesome one this year! I need to take pics before they remove them.
  8. yvalenz, i'm so sorry to hear about your loss. you must miss your dad terribly. if you would like to share photos of the altar, i would love to see them!
  9. My mother enjoys studying how other cultures deal with death (as opposed to America, that is) and we're part Portuguese. Even though death is a sad occasion, Dia dos Mortos seems more like a bridge to ensure a better afterlife.
  10. Oh of course - Last year was just rough because of the whole "ten year" thing. My older aunts were making a big issue of this and I think the stress just freaked me out. Thanks for the sentiment melovelv!

    Most days I laugh reminiscing about all the goofy things he did. He really enjoyed his life to the end, and we enjoy remembering him for that! I know deep down he's still here with me and guiding me and laughing at/with me, and picking on me, and saying his infamous cost analysis: "What!? It's only $20? Do you know what I could do with $20"....and then going on a rant all over the house about all the crazy things he could by with $20. sometimes the items were so ridiculous that even he would crack up. He's probably smirking from above at the cost of my handbags!

    I'm happy to share pics - I just need to run back to campus do get them!
  11. This is a special holiday. Wonderful way for all cultures to remember their deceased family and friends. As a Catholic, I pray for the souls of all, not just friends and family.