DIA Chaeyeon rhinoplasty

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  1. Hey all!
    I was just wondering if anyone knew which surgeon operated on Chaeyeon's nose. (Before I receive any backlash, she admitted that she had work on her nose). I really like how natural her surgery turned out and how the surgeon kind of extended her columnella. Her previous nose is close to how mine looks at the moment. Mine is more bulbous and my nostrils are wider and more visible from the front, though.

    If anyone can provide feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! I've been considering getting my nose done for a few years now but whenever I look at "bulbous nose - before and after" pictures from clinics, I don't quite like the results since they look to squished in, if that makes sense. Most pictures seem like they just cut the alars and tied it together.

    Chaeyeon's turned out beautifully. Please help a girl out! Haha.
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  2. *EDIT: Or if anyone can recommend surgeons who operate very well on bulbous noses and wide alars without the nostrils looking too squished in, that would also be great :smile:
  3. I've been wondering this too ! her nose looks completely natural, but so elegant. kinda reminds me of a nose from Dream, but I'm not sure
  4. H
    Haha its a mystery, isn't it?
  5. I wonder where most celebrities got their work done all the time. Like I don't even care if they did plastic surgery just shut up and give me your surgeon's name lol
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  6. lol right ! I remember reading rumors from a couple years ago about people from SM getting work done at Dream, but i don't know how true that is
  7. I'm not familiar with Dream, but it could be an advertisement?? Who knows.
    Srsly I feel it like rich and famous will always have a higher success rate regardless since they are probably being treated like national treasures. Life is harsh lol first world problems yo
  8. If you look on DA's website there's a photo of Junsu from JYJ with one of the surgeons under celebrities. Not sure what he did though lol.

    Also, I have a friend that went to a small "exclusive" clinic that apparently many celebrities go to but don't want to be found out. I googled the clinic and nothing showed up, the website link she gave me is very... Not user friendly lol. Not sure how true this is, just what I've been told :smile:
  9. Can you share the name of this clinic please. I'm also curious.
  10. Yeah she obviously had her nose and eyes done
    Her rhino looks really natural, it's cute

    People asked where she did her nose??? where she did her eyes??? I was curious too so I look for some info, but I couldn't find the clinic where she had her surgery. Just got some evidence, but there are too many topics I gave up lol.

    @Teeteetee Try to look on korean forums, there's so many threads on her nose lol
  11. Well at least I might help you out by giving you this evidence
    a selfie of herself after her rhinoplasty

    and then she wrote
    So this is the name of her doctor 'To dr Jang Taek Hwan ♡'
    She said fighting, which means cheer up! or good luck! or you can do it! so I guess she sent this cute message before her surgery

    And she also mentionned 'star' plastic surgery, but this is definitely not the name of the clinic. Or the surgeon is a special surgeon for stars. Idk
    Maybe try searching for all the clinics that have 'star' in their name... but I don't think it's gonna work
    I just assumed that the clinic have a special 'star' category. Because apparently a member or IOI did her surgery there as well
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  12. @TheNana Members Clinic. Here's the website: http://members.sitemoya.com/ It doesn't have an English site, only Korean and Chinese. My friend when she went to get her nose done there, she had the consultation with the surgeon (didn't speak English), and then had to go to another hospital (unaffiliated) to get tests done before surgery. So might not be the best option for foreigners.
  13. Hey fellow member, thank you for your msg.

    I have digged deeper. 장택환 was the korean found by google translate which was identical to the image.
    and I searched it and style plastic surgery came up from bing.
    the doctor intro does show an identical name.
    Since you said star, and style seems a similar sound I think it may be the same clinic we are referring to.
    I will add this clinic to my list promptly :smile:
    Chaeyeon may have used this clinic.
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  14. This is amazing..you guys are actual detectives wow. lol i'm not sure if I personally would add this clinic to my list of clinics to check out since my Korean isn't that great, but thanks for finding this !
  15. @auditiontrading yes it's this clinic 'star 1' she wrote star with this symbol | didn't know it meant 1 because it was slanted lol, congrats

    I would strongly recommend to avoid going in the same clinic where idols went though, cause you all know they receive special treatment