DH's great idea

  1. So DH and I were in a little bag/jewelry boutique this afternoon, and as I was perusing he says out of nowhere, "I think it would be cool if bags came with removable linings that you could zip in and out, like different colors, materials or prints. That way you could change the look, but you could also switch bags easily because you just take the lining out instead of all the stuff inside."

    He knows how passionate I am about bags, and over time he's learned to notice the details on bags, but I was SHOCKED :wtf: to hear him say that because it's actually not a bad idea! Of course, to make it work you'd have to have different bags of the same style/size, but I think it could be fun.
  2. I kind of like that idea. Its nifty and versatile for the user. Plus, I'm sure that everybody eventually gets some sort of stain on the inside lining and it would be pretty neat if we could switch them out and get new ones!
  3. Hop on that idea-patent it-you never know! :okay:
  4. Hey Balihai88, I totally agree with you on that. I think that would be totally awesome, not only to be able to change the interior look of the bag but also for more practical purposes where you could like unzip the lining and be able to clean it thoroughly, KWIM? Also, being able to transport stuff from bag to bag is awesome too! :yes:
  5. That's an awesome idea!!!!

    You could sell a bag with 4 different linings or sell them separately.

    I like it!!! DH is not only sexy, he's smart!!! :tup:
  6. That would be the ultimate irony, if DH gets rich off his bag idea when *I'M* the one who loves bags! But I guess we'd both benefit from that, LOL
  7. It would also be great if the inner seam rips. You could just replace it with a new lining. In a perfect world I could thread a needle but instead I have resorted to a safety pin or two.
  8. Love it!! Patent it quickly!!
  9. There are some computer/baby bags that do this (zip out lining)....not sure if it's patented...

    But I'm not sure if I've seen them for purses/handbags!

    ETA: That's great that your DH can get "into" bags this way...DH and I talked about an insert for his Timbuk2 bag forever and found out that there was a company (Tom Bihn) that looked into doing this....inserts are always a cool idea, but not everyone brings them to market :sad:
  10. What a great idea!
  11. that is a great idea... i really love the bags with colorful or fun lining... it's often the final push for a purchase.

    on a side note Balihai, that is so sweet of DH to notice and take part in your interests... that's just so sweet and thoughtful, i think!
  12. That's really an intriuging idea... After all, there are some people on eBay who already sell "interiors" for LV Speedys (with pockets in them, remember, the Speedy originally has only a very small inside pocket).
    But making it in different colours... you could design a see thru bag and sell it with different linings...
    Regina :tup:
  13. Aren't the new Rebecca Minkoff bags coming like this?
  14. There was actually a bag lilke this on some website I found a few years back. I was going to purchase one but when I did the site was gone. The bag came in various colors and the lining did come out. That way you would just take the liner out, put it in the new bag and go!
  15. That is great idea. It would be nice to being able to easily replace linings that are worn or soiled. Your DH is a genius!