DH's Charcoal Intrecciato Messenger Bag

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  1. My DH *finally* replaced his Adidas nylon rucksack with a classy bag for work/travel. He purchased the intrecciato messenger bag in charcoal. (Uncertain if that's even the official color name, but it's charcoal.)

    The SA said only a few messenger bags are available in this color in the U.S.

    I'd like to wear this bag sometime. My DH is sweet, so it won't be difficult to borrow.


  2. There's a compartment for electronic devices, e.g., iPad.


    Looks good on a woman, also!

  3. That is an awesome size, and looks good on you. I always find men's bags that I like.

  4. What a fantastic bag and so nice of your DH to let you borrow it. I really like the clean look of BV men's bags.
  5. Looks nice, I would borrow it too!
  6. It's a good looking bag. It may be for men but it looks great on your shoulder.
  7. I would be 'borrowing' that 24/7--looks fantastic on you! Congratulations to you both!
  8. I love that! Lucky you can borrow. . It does look good on you.

    Nice job by your DH!
  9. The SA said that this particular bag is selling well because the men like this size, not too big and not too small.
  10. lol
  11. Love it on you. Nowhere overwhelming and it looks perfect. It looks so functional too. I imagine it working so well as a daily bag, errands bag, travel bag... Oh well, everything!
  12. My DH used his bag all week, and he likes it a lot.

    Back side of bag:

    In action in Waikiki, with front side of bag showing:

  13. Looks super!