DH's been busy!

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  1. Not busy buying me bags, he couldn't afford that right now, but he has been very busy hanging these shelves so I can store all my stuff the way I'd like to :yahoo:


    the Dior shelves - I need a second shelf for shoes, so a couple of them had to stand there for now ...

    Balenciagas and Mulberrys

    Shoes with a couple of my sunnies :biggrin:
  2. A closer look at the sunnies - my favourite Dior sunnies are in the car though ...


    I will put all the bags/shoes in their respective dustbags in a little time, when I'm done admiring DH's hard work :love:
  3. :nuts: What a beautiful display! Kudos to the hubby ;):tup:
  4. aww hubby is so nice!! like emi said - kudos! :smile:

    it all looks great!
  5. This man deserves a medal ! Im coming over this week to admire if you have time, sending you a text:graucho:
  6. DH bows and says thank you all :biggrin:

    Nat, you're welcome - end of week is preferred as both DH and me is down with some kindergarten bug he dragged home from work ... both of us are going back to work tomorrow and will probably be too tired for any fun the next couple of days!
  7. Love all the goodies! The display is perfect. Very nice!
  8. i love ur shoe collection....
  9. A drool worthy closet:amuse:
  10. Woah so nice!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Thank you's all around :flowers:

    Btw. DH thinks I'm a nut for keeping all my big and small boxes + paper bags etc. - am I the only one doing that? Besides he keeps all boxes etc. for his HI-FI stuff ... you know, if we ever need to move it :rolleyes:
  12. That's such a nice thing for your hubby to do. Your goodies look lovely on display.
  13. you have surch a stunning collection ! what a nice hubby . i love the display . i m drooling over the grey grandville :drool:
  14. How lovely! Lucky you what a wonderful husband! It's beautiful. :biggrin:
  15. I love it! Great Collection!