DH's and my first concert: Il Divo

  1. We just saw Il Divo yesterday performing in GM place here in Vancouver. It was fantastic! Such wonderful music...it just blew you away how marvelous these guys' voices are. It is quite something to see all these screaming ladies adoring four handsome guys singing opera. I have heard these guys on CD, but when you hear them together live, it's amazing.
    The opening act was a pianist named William Joseph and he couldn't be over 25, or at least he doesn't look it. If there was anyone who could look like they have fun playing a grand piano whether doing a ballad or a rock piece, it's him. A great time was had by all, and it was a sold out concert. Maybe their music will resonate in Gm Place tonight and bring the hockey team luck....
  2. Oh how fun... I LOVE Il Divo!!! :girlsigh:
  3. zOMG...I love them too!!

  4. "Just whip it! Whip it good!"
  5. awww wow! Im so jealous, im glad you had a great time.. I LOVE IL DIVO!!! :heart:
  6. Wow Wow Wee! I'm glad you love the concert! I've never been in a concert with my DH.. Maybe when his fave drummer comes to Hong Kong.. Or if ever Madonna's coming to Hong Kong!! LOL!
  7. I remember someone sold those DEVO ( not Il Divo) hats on eBay. I'm old enough to remember when everybody danced to that tune and thought it was so cool and hip! Egad!
    And even though I am not a hockey fan ( weird for a Canadian) I am still maintaining that the concert brought the Canucks luck.