DHL truck in front of my house-could it be my greige city ALREADY????

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  1. Can't believe it! What else could it be? Driver is taking FOREVER to get out of the truck!!!!
  2. Is it her? is it her? I am dying here!;)
  3. omg i hope it is her! i love greige cities! wooo hooo
  4. Noooo.... :crybaby: it is a honey vanilla bathset from a shop in Houston? :confused1: I didn't order this nor does it have any indication of being a gift???
  5. Calling them now....
  6. :sad: Oh!
    But she'll be here soon, I am sure!:yes:
  7. Oh damn dude, that sucks!! Nothing against honey vanilla bathsets but damn... :shocked:
  8. My real issue is that I didn't order this and there is no phone # for the business in Houston? Does somebody have my cc#??? Oh nooooo!
  9. Oh oooo...

    *___*" hope it'll be all figured out soon!
  10. I would check your credit card online. I recently got some of that Trimspa stuff that I never ordered and someone had gotten my credit card number so I had to cancel it. What a pain in the butt. I hope that didn't happen to you.
  11. Oh no! Happened to me to, except it was some x-rated website, had to cancel my cc. I hope it is a just a mistake...
  12. yes, honey vanilla's nice, but not as nice as a b-bag :push:...hope your new greige city arrives soon girl!!! :tender:
  13. So HAPPY you found your Greige City :party: !!! I'm sure it will be here soon.......waiting IS HORRIBLE!!!
  14. Mystery solved - my parents called tonight 'did you get the b-day gift we sent you?' 'Oh, the honey vanilla basket? Yes, it arrived today, thank you so much!'... at least my credit card info seems to be safe!

    I thought it was so soon for Ms. Greige, hopefully she will be here within the week!
  15. where can i buy a true b motorcycle bag?