DHL lost my Prada fringe!!

  1. You won't believe this! I just called DHL to confirm delivery of my first Prada bag, the black fringe hobo that I have been hunting for (that justonemore:love: helped me find) and they told me that they can't find it! They attempted delivery of it on Friday and I called when I got home and paid the duty/COD charge so they would re-try on Monday, but there was no info on their system about it yesterday (they said it was just a computer glitch), and now today when I called they said that a trace has been put on it because it is LOST! :cry::cry:
    I had a really bad feeling about this from the start--DHL is always a huge pain in the ass here in Vancouver and I've had a lot of problems with them in the past.:cursing:

    Anyways, thanks for letting me vent and please keep your fingers crossed for me tha they will find it!
  2. Ooohhh, I'm so sorry this has happened to you! I've had a similar problem with UPS, although it finally got resolved in my favor... but it's so frustrating. I hope it shows up intact. Definitely plan to inspect it when it gets there to make sure it wasn't damaged... I hope it turns up though.
  3. DHL is a pain in the arse anywhere--they either leave my packages in a puddle or lose them. The only bright side is that I've accumulated quite a bit of credit with merchants using DHL when I have called to complain about DHL's horrendous service. I wish everyone would use FedEx, or even UPS. DHL is the PITS.
  4. Oh Avery, I'm sorry they're leaving you in limbo.
    Keep calling them!
    I have the best DHL guy, and have had great luck with all my deliveries, so I'm sending postive vibes that your bag will show up in the next day or so!
    Keep us posted, I can't wait to see it!
  5. Oh I hate when this happens!!! Damn DHL!! I have probs w/ them too...It's the pits!!!! Crap!! Keep calling and keep us posted..and good luck!!!!!
  6. Thanks so much everyone--you are all making me feel better! I knew you would feel my pain. :flowers:

    On a funny/annoying note:
    The lady from DHL assigned to my case just called to ask me to describe my package (a box?!) and corrected/admonished me for using the word "lost" to describe my bag's situation (this is the word the DHL guy used this morning). Apparently, my bag is "NOT lost. It's on a truck somewhere, we just don't know exactly where at the moment." When I said, "Well whatever, I just hope you find it soon" she corrected me again and said that they weren't going to find it. They were going to locate it. I wanted to ask what the H the difference was, but I decided to avoid any further annoyance for the day.

    Maybe if they put the same amount of effort into their customer service as they did correcting my usage they wouldn't have to "locate" my bag! :cursing:
  7. If you don't know where something is, is it not lost???

    Maybe there is a verbal reasoning test to work at DHL that I am not aware of.....
  8. what is difference between 'find' and 'locate'. they need to find it to locate it. WTH is that...

    This reminds me the phone call that I had today with Farmers insurance company because someone who has Farmers insurance hit my car. I never knew a phone call with insurance company is that really annoying......:cursing: Some people really need 'training' to know the right attitude for customers.
  9. Oh i really hope every thing turns out well.
  10. It's kind of funny that she said it wasn't lost, just that she didn't know where it was. lol. I had a problem with my local post office a while back as well. I had someone trying to deliver a package early in the morning. But 5 seconds later they were gone, so I didn't even make it to the door. After that they lost track of it at the post office, and nobody knew where it was. Everybody told me to call someone else, so I was going around in circles. Then about a week later the woman at the post office found out it had been there all along, it had just been placed in the hallway and not with the other packages. I almost asked her how come she didn't even notice it there for a week when she walked past it several times a day!?
  11. I didn't read this right and I saw it at first glance as "DH" lost my Prada fringe and I thought, "OMG, imagine a husband losing a super expensive bag by leaving it around somewhere?"

    MUCH better that it's DHL where they are held responsible than DH! I hope it gets resolved for you soon!
  12. ^LOL! If my BF lost my bag he'd be dead, and he knows it! He doesn't even touch my bags because he doesn't want to be blamed for scratching them or anything. ;)

    I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks that these DHL people are nuts. Thanks for the support!
  13. hope you get your bag soon!

  14. Well, at least this gave you a smile...

    Does anyone else get a little put off about deliveries being made out of people's personal cars with them wearing their own personal clothing? I know it's cost saving, but it's SOOOOO shady to see a beat up station wagon loaded down delivering your expensive package!

    And... we've had our share of DHL troubles too - here and when I worked in Canada.
  15. Just a quick update: Nothing new to tell. I called DHL again this morning and they had the nerve to give me attitude about bugging them about it! The guy was all "It's only been two days. It takes time to look for it." This might be true, but it won't stop me from calling and harassing them until they find it.

    I even had a nightmare about my bag last night: I was looking for it in a huge warehouse while someone chased me--I am really starting to lose it! :nuts:

    Thanks again everyone for letting me vent. My BF is all "It's just a bag, don't stress." He does NOT get it!