DHL has officially lost my Cocoa Marc Jacobs Guinevere

  1. Short of buying another Venetia, I was hoping that this MJ bag would have been THE brown bag for me, and I could end my quest for a brown bag. Excitedly anticipating the bag, I cleared a space on my shelf for her arrival. Constantly checking DHL's website for updated tracking info, the delivery date of 1/2/08 came without a Guinevere.

    I called DHL, and was told there would be an investigation into the matter. Today DHL calls me and informs me my package is officially lost, and that I should contact Bluefly for a refund.

  2. WHAT? What kind of explanation is that?! What did Bluefly say?

    So sorry this happened. I hope you get a refun without much hassle.
  3. UGGGGHHHH!!!! no way! :wtf: i feel so bad for you...
  4. oh gung...i'm so sorry...i know you've been on the quest for the perfect brown bag...however, i don't understand why dhl isn't taking the responsibility for losing it??? explain???
  5. You know what, DHL just sucks. I've had two Bluefly shipments through DHL and both of them were thrown from the DHL truck as the person drove by and the boxes hit my front door. That's the only way I knew I had a delivery. I've got signs posting that deliveries are to be made to the back ground level door, and everybody else honors that. If somebody hadn't been home at the time these deliveries were made, I can quite imagine somebody walking by and making off with the package, which is probably what happened to your handbag, GUNG.

    I can't figure out how to complain about this to somebody at DHL - other delivery professionals I've talked to tell me that DHL has a really bad well-deserved crappy reputation for local deliveries, but excel at global work -. Bluefly needs to get a new shipper. Fedex comes to mind...

    GUNG, I am SO sorry to hear this. You get Bluefly on the phone and let them know a whole lot of people are upset about this. We're here for ya, woman!
  6. that really really sucks. that's such bad news and something i hope to never happen to anybody. i hope there was nothing else that happened to it that makes it your fault.
  7. i'm still thinking about this matter and it really bites! as you said, it's the perfect bag that you've been looking for too.. i hope they have more that you could snatch or i'm sure we'll try to help you out here to look for it. this should not happen to anybody!
  8. I actually refuse to buy from companies that use DHL. They are THE WORST. They even surpassed my HATE for UPS. I stopped placing supply orders with one of my bigger vendors and they have finally seen the light when they weren't getting my several grand per month and now will send my packages through FedEx or USPS Priority. I simply don't trust the other two. Fine paper CAN NOT GET WET and it was like DHL put it in the bathtub while it drove around for a few days.
  9. wow im so sorry that happened to you...its good i stick to fedex and usps priority because iv never given dhl a try...i dont i will now=(
  10. AcK that really stinks. You should make a big deal about it. Make sure you threaten to never buy from them again and let them know you will recommend that your friends don't either (your friends = tPF)

    But obviously, only if they won't do anything about it or aren't appropriate about it.
  11. oh, gung, that is just horrible!!! i firmly believe that everything happens for a reason SO, either you will find the bag at a better price OR it wouldn't have been THE brown bag for you - i just hope you get your FULL refund so you CAN find that awesome brown bag!
  12. :wtf: DHL sucks.
  13. I'm so sorry, Gung! Hopefully they will find your package. I had a client who used to ship exclusively via DHL because it was the cheapest way to go. We were constantly losing packages and they were always late. I am amazed that any responsible retailer would ship via DHL. I guess this means I won't be spending any money at Bluefly.
  14. Who would you guys complain to? Bluefly, DHL, or both of em???