DHL Customs Fees HELP!

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  1. OK so I ordered a pair of Lanvin's from - I am in the US - but they did not fit so I returned them the next day.
    Well today i got a customs bill from DHL. Do I still have to pay this? I would think not since customs is really a Tax right? and I shouldn't be Taxed on an item I did not keep .... it was both shipped and returned DHL.

    What do I do with this bill :confused1:
  2. I am not in the US but here I was told 2 different things. One was that you are entitled to get it back/not pay if you send them back and the other is that you can only get it back/not pay if you returned them due to it meeting specific requirements like the item was faulty, they sent the wrong item, etc. In the end I did get the fees back after about a month of emails and hassle.
    Do customs have a website you can look at to see if your entitled to have the fee waived? Or have you called DHL? Im sure if you call DHL and give them the tracking number for the item going back they will sort it out for you.
  3. This happened to me once and I contacted the shipping company and they informed me that since I was returning the item then I would not have to pay. I don't remember if they asked for a tracking number or some sort of proof but definetly call the company to find out what to do.
  4. Thank you both! I will call DHL on Monday :yes:
  5. Let us know what happens.

    And yes, you shouldn't have to pay.

    I ordered something overseas but I never received a bill, but I did return it.
  6. ^^^ Thank you! I will let you know what I find out!
  7. just out of curiosity, how much were the customs fees dhl charged? I ask because I too am considering ordering shoes from another country.
  8. I was charged about $280 for the shoes and the customs fees were $49.70 :yucky:
  9. oh gosh I guess I am going to pass on ordering then. The boots I want are near $1,000 so I can only imagine the customs fees!
  10. Good luck dealing with DHL - I hope they are better in your country. I've only had two dealings with them and both were awful, they even wanted to charge me a holding fee while they kept my parcel because I didn't pay the fees straight away - I live in the middle of no where, not my fault their letter took over a week to get to me.
    Then my last parcel was an LV which they lost. Horrible company.
  11. UPDATE

    Well I called DHL and the CS Rep was very nice and said I should receive a new Invoice within 10 days showing the credit and a Zero Balance :woohoo:

  12. Yeah this is the first time I have ordered like this and I think it is the last :tdown:

    I still got stuck with the shipping fees from mytheresa since they did not refund those and it looks like it was about $75 :wtf:
    If I had realized it was so much I may have tried to sell the shoes myself first on ebay/Bonanzle since they were actually such a good deal . Oh well, lesson learned.
  13. Not many places do refund shipping which is understandable if youve changed your mind. At least you can return for free on that shipping cost and you dont have to pay again to send them back with tracking.
  14. Oh absolutely my own fault. I wish I would have thought it all through BEFORE I guess ..... and really I just did not know how much it was due to the exchange rate until it showed up on my CC.
  15. What I hate is when you do check the exchange rate and the company doesnt ship it that day and 2 days later it is worse and you pay more. That always happens to me.