DHL Courier & Seller Dilemma! What should I do?

  1. Ok,

    There have been Royal Mail postal strikes going on here recently, so when I sold a bag on eBay, the buyer asked me to send it via courier to ensure that she got it within a reasonable time frame.

    I sent it using DHL. The courier guy came and picked it up, but when they tried to deliver the first time, the buyer wasnt home, and according to the DHL tracking page, they left a card. When they tried again she still wasnt around so DHL say that the driver left the box around the back. The womans address is number 85 and the driver says that the door number around the back was 85a.

    Now the woman buyer swears blind that 85a doesnt exist but DHL say that the driver left the parcel there, and as far as they are concerned, they have done their part by leaving the parcel and a card, and I cant claim for a loss of parcel because they delivered it. However the buyer is saying that she knocked on all her neighbours doors and no one has the parcel, and she says that no card was ever left.

    She is saying that I need to make a claim so I can refund her.

    I called the delivery manager today and told him all this, and he says that the buyer has also called him, and he told her that the parcel was delivered. I asked the manager if he wouldnt mind asking the driver to stop by and take a photo of this mysterious 85a door to see if it really does exist.

    If it does, but the buyer still says she hasnt got the bag, should I risk a negative by not giving her a refund? She paid via Paypal so what would happen if she makes a claim against me through them? Would they side with her? I have proof of using the courier.

    Its all a bit of a mess and I dont know who to believe....:confused1:
  2. Yikes! I try to send my packages with delivery confirmation. Why didn't she have to sign for the bag, since they didn't leave it the first time but did the second time? If the driver was supposed to get a signature, why didn't he? If she left a signed card on her door, and they left it, then that's her fault. Of course, that's my opinion, but I don't see how Paypal could side with her as long as you've got the courier saying she okay'd it to be left and they say they left it.
    Let us know what happens. Good Luck!
  3. The buyer didn't agree to the package being delivered to an address that didn't exist. I think DHL is the one at fault since I'm pretty sure you don't use a courier when you want to get something left out in the street. If the neighbor didn't sign then where's the proof DHL delivered?
    I think Paypal will find you liable if DHL can't prove on paper that the addressee signed for it (which they can't). I think your buyer will probably be getting a refund and you'll be fighting DHL for your money.
  4. I know in the US if you don't have online trackable proofdelivery, they will definately side with the buyer.
    I had a horrible situation with DHL not too long ago. They claimed they left a ($2,600)package from Nordstrom on my porch. I never received it and they refused to take responsibilty. It's a long story, but 8 months and 1 lawyer later, I finally got my money back. I hate DHL :yucky:.
    Good luck, I hope it works out for you.
  5. I just took a quick look at DHL's terms and this is what they say:
    The Company will make one attempt to delivery a Consignment during normal working hours. Subject to (c) below, if the Company cannot obtain a receipt at the relevant delivery point it may attempt to deliver and obtain an appropriate receipt at an address close to the relevant delivery point and, if successful, the Company will leave at the relevant delivery point details of the address at which delivery has been effected.
    So if they did deliver to the other address they should have 'the appropriate receipt' which as far as I am aware is a signature. If they don't have that then you will have to find out what the deal is with any insurance you took out when shipping or if any was included.
  6. Babyjlo
    You said it better than I did. I think it's DHL's fault, not the buyer. From what you've found on their website (good sleuthing, btw) I would definitely think it is in DHL's error. I would cite their own policy to them when you call again and ask where their proof of delivery is.
  7. Unfortunately that doesn't relieve the seller of their duties to get the item to the buyer. It only gives the OP a chance to recoup the money she will lose by having to refund the buyer. I think you are going to have your work cut out trying to get your money back from DHL but it looks like it is possible (Aprilvalentine). Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the advice girls.

    I rechecked the tracking page just now after reading your comments, and there is a name in the signatory box, but its not the name of the buyer. I have emailed the buyer to ask her is she recognises the name.

    Watch this space.....
  9. I really don't know what to do in that instance. Perhaps you can ask on eBay's Live Chat. Because you cannot obviously be responsible for DHL's policy of getting neighbors to sign. Perhaps the buyer will have to get the police involved on their end, if DHL has proof that person signed for it then there's clearly a case. At least threatening the police might get DHL to actually do something!
  10. oh.. sounds terrible. i am so sorry.
    your buyer claims that there no such address (85a), why don't you use her post code and her house number to find out whether this address really exists or not? this isn't going to solve everything, but at least you will know she's being honest with you or not.

    here's the link to find out the address using Royal Mail Address finder:;jsessionid=3HRDFYJKE45KSFB2IGKUPLQUHRAYUQ2K?catId=400145&gear=postcode

    please keep us updated!

  11. Thanks for that Kitty! I checked and there is an 84,85,86 etc but no 85a listed on Royal mails address finder.

    It seems that DHL are hallucinating!

    Lets see what happens next.....:hrmm:
  12. oh dear, this is terrible. Don't think I'll ever use DHL again if that's their policy, only 1 attempt at delivery then leave package with whoever's nearby?? goodness!
  13. We use DHL at work and they're terrible.