DHL and Customs Story...A Little Long

  1. Just a funny DHL story for you. DHL showed up at my house and said they needed to pick up a package that was misdelivered. I had not received a misdelivered package:confused1:. They left and called back again saying that it is in fact true. After many questions from me it turns out that customs wants my latest Jimmy Choo bag to go back to Ohio:roflmfao:( I did not even know it had been through Ohio). Sorry, not happening:nogood:. I don't know if DHL missed a step or what in delivery but something went wrong between them, customs and my bag. Hehe. Too funny. I do not think I will be boxing my new bag up to be redelivered to customs.

    Robyn and Stinkerbelle I just got a tiny dose of the DHL "misdelivery" that your poor bags have been put through. Unbelievable.
  2. What??!? That is crazy that they expected you to give back your bag. What in the world is going on with DHL?
  3. :wtf:Too funny:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I am so glad you stood your ground:tup: I won't go into the latest gory details, but DO NOT give in to those DHL idiots.

    I wonder how many women would actually go and get their bag and hand it over to a DHL driver:shrugs:
  4. I can't believe that. I can't imagine what I would do if someone said I had to give my bag back - over my dead body!!!
  5. its DHL's fault not yours. their lost on customs fees. No chance I would give my bag back.
  6. Once I figured out what they were trying to pick up it was pretty comical. I told the DHL driver I could not believe they were trying to pick up a bag from June(Gold Troy) and he said, "Uuhhh, this is from July(Suede Ramona I kind of forgot about since I am saving it for Autumn)." Oops:whistle:. He finally said, "Sorry to bother you. I will let you get back to your Jimmy Choo purses.":shame:

    Robyn, I don't know a woman on this planet that would let customs come to their door and take their Jimmy Choo bag. They would have to pry it out of my iron grip or as starbuxxx puts it, "Over my dead body":biguns::roflmfao:. My DH said I would never see the bag again if DHL took it away:wtf:

    LVobsessed, not sure what the issue was but Jimmy Choo precharges the duties in your original order:confused1:
  7. Omg! I want to comment, I really do, but I'm speechless! :wtf:

    Limbs will be lost, heads will roll and jail time will ensue if anyone comes to my door and tries to take my Riki back! She barely got away from them the first time, I doubt I'd ever see her again if I gave her back!

    Just when I thought this saga couldn't get any more bizarre.... :rolleyes:

    What's the latest with your bag, Robyn? Is she any closer to being delivered to you??? I hope so! :tup:
  8. Whatttt??? OMG! I hope they don't come after my Maddy!!! These are the bags that were shipped from London, right? I am sooo glad I got my Radiant from Robyn's SA Casey and did not go thru JChoo london!

    Are these DHL guys for real? Maybe he just wanted a Ramona to replace the Riki Stinkerbell finally pounded out of them!!
  9. That made me LOL!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Now I can't stop picturing the DHL delivery force going door to door decked out in high end designer handbags! And trust me....on the guy that delivered my bag it wouldn't be a good look! ;)
  10. :roflmfao:Stinkerbelle, I love your imaginative scenarios and the way you write! I hope you do this for a living. Very funny and creative.
  11. Aww shucks....thank you Samantha! :blush:

    Actually, I did just finish up a children's book series I'm especially proud of. A little story I conjured up about a boy wizard and his small group of friends. Good vs. Evil and all that....I won't bore you with the details. :smartass:
  12. You know, you both might just have an idea there. We could all get together and write a book about our experiences with JChoo, DHL, UPS and all the fun we have when we eventually get our bags! I swear, all we need to do is copy all the comments on this site...
  13. It would indeed make for great reading! But if we tried to sell it as non-fiction, no one would ever believe us! :p
  14. I thought I recognized your writing;)
  15. That is so weird that he would have the nerve to ask for the bag. I would probably have said, "Oh this one?", shown it to him, and then said, "no thanks." And slam the door on him. Then again, I'm a biotch so I'm sure you handled it with much more class :smile:.

    Not boring, what's the name? PM me if you're shy :tup:. I need to buy more books for my little hyper 20mo old son. I, unfortunately, have no creativity. Instead, my patients are the ones who fill my life with :wtf: "imaginative" stories.