1. Has anyone heard of or tried/use DHC? I get this magazine in the mail all the time with samples from DHC...Just curious..:confused1:
  2. I think their products are very good. I have used that Olive Oil set and it is strange using the olive oil as a cleanser but it works. The clear soap they have is great and everything I have tried I liked. My sister got some samples and was amazed at how the olive oil made her skin so soft, she has problems finding products that she can use on her skin. I have tried quite a few things from them and never had a problem with anything.
  3. As a matter of fact I am thinking about ordering the pure soap. It is about as good as anything out there fore any price.
  4. Have you ever used the velvet skin? Thanks!!
  5. I use a few of their products: Mild Soap (for face washing), Velvet Skin Coat (the best for a flawless complexion), Deep Cleansing Oil (great for removing makeup and washes off with water with no residue), Mild Lotion (toner).

    I've tried other products and they're hit or miss. These four are the ones I reorder time and again.
  6. I have the pure soap and like it, I think their products are nice.
  7. Their products are really nice; I like that there are different formulas for all ages and types of skin. I'm older so the soap and mild lotion (toner) are nice and gentle. Their concentrated eye cream is the best (one of those Beauty guides agrees, too). I don't think they put fragrance or dyes in their products. Give it a try.
  8. I love the pure soap!
  9. My mom uses them and she likes them, but I wouldn't say she loves it. I tried a few of their samples but I didn't care for it. They have these silk cotton pads which are the best but they raised up the price that its not worth it to me.

    They have a good sample program though.
  10. What type of skin is the oil cleanser best for? I always get samples but I've never had the courage to try it.

    Will have to give that concentrated eye cream a try.
  11. I love DHC and having been using it for a few years. I got started with ith from the catalog samples. They have lines of product for all skin types, but I love the "anti-aging" line. The olive oil cleanser is great and so are their moisturizers.
  12. I think I will order some velvet skin coat and try it...
  13. Clarification on saying they don't add fragrance; I didn't mean they are fragrance-free; the natural botanicals provide a slight fragrance, but they aren't perfumed products.
  14. I think DHC products are pretty good, i hv the lip mask, which is so moisturising and its amazing to use during the winter months.
  15. i get the catalogues all the time too. tried all the samples but nothing makes me want to buy any full sizes yet... i do like the small round coin soap tho.