DHC skin care ?

  1. Just curious anyone in here use this brand DHC yet ? The company is base in japan. If anyone have used their product please share. Thanks
  2. I have only used the Cleansing Oil and I absolutely LOVE it. After you order with them, they will send you monthly catalogs that have at least 2 samples in each one. I have so many DHC samples now! :smile:
  3. I've been using DHC for 4 years now and love it. I use the cleansing oil, eye bright. washing powder, mild soap. eye cream, easy care lotion and olive virgin oil. They're great products, they don't have weird chemicals in them and they never make your face feel tight and ithcy
  4. Agreed, the deep cleansing oil and velvet skin coat are awesome.
  5. Sign up at makeupalley.com, look under their product reviews, and you will find TONS of reviews on DHC products.
  6. I would advise against it.

    Their marketing is good, granted, but they're low end cosmetic products. I must have used tons of beauty products or reviewed them, and I think DHC may be one of the worst products. I don't even think many Department stores carry them. They're usually bought at supermarkets or whatever.

    I suggest Shu Umera for a cheap but good alternative.

    My opinion anyhow.
  7. I have used some of their products. I like the concentrated eye cream and the acne cream. I wouldn't consider them low end. In the US, you can only buy them online, right?
  8. No, there's one store in LA and there use to be one at Stonestown mall in SF. But most people do buy their stuff online. I would consider them low end at all! They're wonderful quality products. :tup: