dhanura pm or soufflot?



  1. dhanura pm

  2. soufflot

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  1. does anyone have a dhanura pm? do you know the lenght of the strap? do you think that dhanura is cute?
  2. I prefer the shape of the soufflot
  3. I have the Dhanura PM in Mocha. It was like... If I could have any Epi bag.. that's the one I had to have. So I bought it. I had a hard time choosing between red and mocha, but ended up picking the mocha because of the hardware color.

    I love this bag. Sometimes I use the shoulder strap and sometimes I leave it off. I love the feeling of the rolled leather handles - like the Speedy, but you don't have to worry about them getting dirty since the leather is treated. Other LV's I have are - the Cerises Speedy, Hudson, Monceau, Baggy PM, Amazone, & Sologne. I love all of my bags, but the shoulder strap on the Dhanura is the most comfortable. It's not too long like the sologne, and it grips your shoulder better than any bag I've ever had. I think it's because the bag is wide, so the strap is wider apart, so it 'balances' - very comfortable. The shape is distinctive & classy. When the weather is wet I use this purse because you can just wipe off rain or snow with no ill effects.

    I would recommend this purse over the Soufflot, because double straps fall off the shoulder unless you cross them right each time. The advantage of the Soufflot would be capacity. I think the Dhanura PM is smaller. I think you should go to the boutique and put them side by side and go with your gut reaction.

    What a fun decision.
  4. go Dhanura PM! :wlae:
  5. Yes it is! :P
  6. me too. :yes:
  7. soufflot is really cute!
  8. i prefer the Soufflot. the Dhanura reminds me of a fishing boat.
  9. i vote for soufflot!
  10. Soufflot!
  11. I have the soufflot and receive many compliments on the color (mandarin) and the shape of it.
  12. get the soufflout!!
  13. I'd prefer the soufflot... May be in red??? it's beautiful
  14. I like the Soufflot. :heart:
  15. HAHAHHA... A fishing boat... I always saw it as a Gondola...

    My vote is for the Soufflot. Maybe Mandrin? :graucho: