Dhalia's Illustrated Storybook!

  1. Fab items and lovely details on how they came to be yours.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
  2. Wow, this is an adorable collection of handbags and accessories. I liked reading your stories about your bags. Thanks for also showing your closet where you store all of your goodies, makes me feel embarassed about how I keep mine.
  3. Lovely collection. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Beautiful bags. And not a small purse family at all. A large family, imo. Enjoy!
  5. the nail polish earrings are ADORABLE!!
  6. Great collection & I enjoyed reading the stories. :yes:
  7. Your collection is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I am on a short trip to Germany right now. I enjoyed sharing my collection and can't wait to share more! I'm such a shopper so will probably pick up more stuff here lol!
  9. After a long relaxing break, I am back with more! Going through each item in my closet really takes me back and shows how my style kinda changed over the years and also how it stays the same in some ways. Some things were only a "little" me back then and they came to grow on me, some things I felt were "all me" and now "aren't me at all". Dunno if what I'm trying to say makes sense but hope it does!


    This is my little MJ & MbMJ collection. I had a few more but I am in the process of giving them away as I'm not using them anymore. Almost gave away the stams but somehow my admiration for them was recently rekindled. :lol:

    I'm not going to go in chronological order here just 'cause. :p This was my first stam ever and it was purchased online. My mom already had a stam in another color but most colors in boutiques where I live didn't interest me. So when I found the color I liked on Nordstrom I just had to order it. Once it arrived I fell in love with it even more :love: I didn't purchase the wallet at the same time. The wallet is actually fro the MbMJ line and I got it on sale. :lol: It suits it because the colors sort of match! I wasn't using it for a while due to being annoyed by the chain, but taking a long break really made me miss my little (or rather large) lovely!

    Not a stud person at all, really. No really, I promise!!! :lol: But when the stardust MJ stuff came out I couldn't resist. I originally wanted a purple stardust cecillia but I saw it around too much and our boutique never had it in stock. Then that winter I travelled to England and had a choice between getting purple and this embossed one, and obviously this color won me over and I matched it with a wallet as well. Not sure what it was but back then I liked to sometimes buy matching wallets for my bags. Sometimes I still do but not as often as back then.

    The quilted shoulder bag. I wanted a neutral color (for a change!) and mom had a stam in this color so I thought it would be fun to match with her. She doesn't use her stam much these days though. I was in the search of something classy/vintage looking with a modern twist and this bag was the answer...(for back then).

    When going for the black MbMJ, I wanted something discreet that doesn't really show as designer. I wanted to safely be able to wear a purse for interviews and not be judged by it. And I did wear it to interviews but then I realized that people don't really care. Or at least, my employers didn't care what bag or watch people wore and as an interviewer I was taught not to care lol. It really depends on the place also. The orange shoulder is my oldest MJ bag. It's so old that I don't even remember what they called it. My mom got it to me with matching shoes (not posting the shoes ever cos they look really bad now after years upon years of heavy use :lolots: extremely loved, rain or shine kind of shoes). I really loved MJ purses because they take an aspect from vintage bags and mix it with something really modern and stylish. They are gorgeous!

    Sorry about the green reflection on the bags. It was my green dress! :shame: didn't notice till it was too late....!

    More to come later! Need a little break from cropping etc (as if it was hard work LOL)
  10. Have really been enjoying reading this! Can't wait to see what's in those orange boxes in your closet :smile:
  11. Such a huge collection ! Luv em'
  12. Aww thank you for your kind words, I'm still in the process of taking pics of everything. Leaving the orange boxes for the end because it's so annoying taking the boxes down! :lol:

    Thank you so much. I love your collection also!
  13. Lovely collection...i bought the same quilt (fabric actually and made into a quilt) for my daughter's bed. :smile1.
  14. gorgeous collection, I'm looking forward to see more of your bags and your mini miu miu bag is so cute 8)
  15. Oh, please, there are so many orange boxes. After all those stunning Miu Miu ( so dear to me ), I can niot wait for the orange boxes :graucho: