Dh willing to get me handbag for x-mas....

  1. Dilema...Dh wants to get me after much begging an LV handbag for x-mas...he does not want to give a gift certificate...rather I put a few choices on paper for him...dilema part..not sure what I want...maybe I have too much mono canvas with a speedy 30, LH and pouchette....would a fourth LV mono canvas be overkill...are all my bags starting to look the same...will I hate mono canvas next year...is it possible to have too much mono canvas???? Narrow it down to daimer papillion, PH, Hudson GM, BH and the daimer saleya PM..that is my short list...my list use to be longer...now I must shorten it some more until I am down to two bags...maybe I have enough LV if I cannot decide...
  2. Damier Papillion or the Hudson GM, with a slight edge to the Papillion.

    And I don't think you can have too much Mono.
  3. i'd say the Damier Papillon, since it'll bring some variety to your collection. and i may already have said this in another of your other threads :lol:

    and didn't you already get a Popincourt Haut, but returned it? i may have seen that in one of your 6345684125 other threads :wacko:
  4. its true you can never have too much mono, but maybe you want to start branching out to other lines?

    I vote for the damier pap or the damier saleya!
  5. One can never have too much lv mono:heart:that's part of the beauty of loving this line:heart: :heart: :yahoo: :wlae:
  6. Damier Papillon
  7. Damier Saleya PM...I have this bag and love it! It would make a great addition to your collection!
  8. Get the Duomo. Did he tell you a price limit? Or at the very lease the saleya. Anything Damier, really. ps--no, you can never have too much mono!
  9. If you're young, I do like the Damier Papillion. The Saleya is pretty too. It's nice to have a Damier bag for bad weather (rain and the like) - I don't love my Damier Speedy quite as much as my mono speedy - but it still like it very very much so - try a Damier!
  10. I agree you can never have too much Mono!!

    I vote for the BH because it's a GREAT bag and I use mine everyday!!
  11. I think it would be nice to have a damier piece. Love them both, but leaning towards the pap as it is nothing like your other bags and I happen to really :heart: the looks of it.
  12. how about multicolor?
  13. There are so many choices it is hard to narrow it down on recomendations. The best thing to do is take your list to the store on a weekday, so it won't be too busy and try them on. The one you want the most will 'pop' out to you.
  14. I am not a huge fan of damier, but when I saw the saleya in it, I started to drool.
  15. i'll definitely go for the damier papillon.