DH wants to take me to LV and I feel guilty!

  1. Hello all. Today is Dh's B-day and he got some money from his mom and my mom. We dont really need this money at the moment and he said he would take me to the LV in SF today to buy me my first LV. I am excited but I feel super guilty at the same time. It is his day after all. I told him no and he said "you being happy would make the best present", isnt he sweet!! :love::love: He even call the boutique to see if the have the bag I want, (I would like something "little" to start like the Speedy 30 or Neverfull PM).

    Should I go???
  2. GO!!!!!!! Always accept when offered!!!
  3. I think you should go.

    You said you guys really didnt need this money, but if he wants to treat you to something nice, to make you feel happy, I would take the offer.

    Have fun!
  4. Maybe you can treat him to dinner? LOL! What a nice husband!!
  5. I'd take the offer in a minute! What a great boyfriend you have...your happiness is his happiness...that's sooo sweet!!!
  6. aww! what a sweet dh! maybe you can suggest for him to get himself something instead and if he still offers to take you to LV, definitely accept!! LOL
  7. Shoot... I think you should go. He said it make him happy to see you happy... and that's really sweet! Get what you want... life's too short. Hopefully everything works out and you get your first LV!
  8. Lol, you guys. Deep inside i am like what the heck?. He said its free money honey! get your purse. I will take him to his favorite Korean Restaurant tho and get him a cake. Thanks guys. I'll get ready and post pics when I get back. its a 2 hours drive to SF. Wish me luck.

    Any advices in my first visit to LV??. I am nervous and I dont even know why. I mean I know nothing about LV you know. I want my first to be something classic like you all said in previous threads and somehow cheap too. Lol
  9. I told him get the iphone you wanted. He insist. :love:
  10. Aww that's very sweet of him! Hope you have a good experience :smile:
  11. What a sweet dh! I say go for it, you can't say no to a man on his B-day... :p;)
  12. Awww....that is very sweet of him.....I think I would feel too guilty :shame:
  13. That is so sweet!!!! Go get your bag and then maybe do something alittle special (if you know what I mean) for him tonight.
  14. What a sweet BF you have.

    I wish I were you! :lol: Enjoy!! :balloon:
  15. That's very nice of him. I would feel guilty for about ten seconds and then RUN to the LV store!! ( sorry,:shame: I am shallow when it comes to the thought of new LV.:p)
    Have a great trip to the store and hope you come home with your dream bag.