DH wanted to say "Thanks" to y'all! :)

  1. tPF to the rescue!

    I'm on vacation this week in SoCal (tPF meet tomorrow! Yay!), so I've been sleeping in later than usual.
    I get a call from a weird number this morning, so stupid me, I woke up to pick it up any way.

    It's DH... and drunk. Before I could lecture him about getting tipsy on a business trip, he tells me "thanks honey, you can get whatever you want tomorrow" in his sweetest tone.
    (I’m thinking “uh-oh, what did he do now?!”)

    Anyhow, DH has been on a business trip in Asia and they're about 14 hours ahead of California time.
    He's drunk and calling me from a corporate cell phone at 9 am (11 pm his time) to tell me thanks for teaching him about Louis Vuitton.
    I told him that he should thank the forum and asked him why he’s being so sweet.

    He said he was able to connect with a client that he's been trying to get business from for a few years.
    After a couple of beers at the bar :drinks: , this particular client starts venting about how much his wife spends on purses, etc, DH is super excited and jumps in ‘cause he has so much experiences in this dept. than any other exec there.
    DH tells him that it could be worse, so be thankful.
    They start talking about their wives’ "obessions" with purses and shoes. (Can you imagine two men connecting over this topic?? :lol: )

    DH talked this client out of getting a fake LV purse and knock-off Jimmy Choo shoes saying that "if your lady wants a Gucci whatever or Jimmy Choos whatever, get the real deal. Knock-offs are not worth the money. Just save the money towards the tax 'cause if she ever finds out, esp my wife, she would kill me." and left it at "Ok, it's your funeral". :roflmfao:

    They’re hitting it off really well now and DH should be back no later than next Saturday.

    Not so mad at DH for being drunk now... Just wondering what I can get tomorrow. :sweatdrop:

    I don’t know if he got the business yet, but I just wanted to pass the "thanks" on to y'all!!!
    I would not have known so much about LV without you ladies and gents that are so much more knowledgable than the SAs at the boutiques.

    THANK YOU, tPF!!!

    (Crossing fingers for contract to come through! Contracts = more LV for me :yahoo:)
  2. that's such a cute story!!! i got my fingers crossed for your DH too!!! :smile:
  3. Haha I love it!
  4. See, knowing about LV is a good thing! Congrats, hopefully he gets the contract and you get something to wear with your shoes!
  5. awww your husband is the sweetest!!!!

    take advantage tomorrow and buy the whole boutique, ROFL! "but hunnie, you said i can buy whatever i wanted. it isnt my fault i wanted the whole store at that time!!!"
  6. lol cute story
    have fun at tpf meeting tomorrow~!
  7. have a great time shopping tomorrow!!! :biggrin: what a cute story!!
  8. Too funny. Go get the most expensive thing on your wish list!!
  9. LOL! I wish I could buy out the whole boutique...
    But wait, then there's no more fun after that? :p
    (I'm on a purse ban, so I keep telling myself that! LOL!)

    I've been eyeing these shoes, I think it's called "Plastic" (?) or Elektrochok.
    Lindsay Lohan wore them in turquoise.
    At $355, I think it's a bargain compared to all the other shoe prices.

    Just don't know how I can justify buying something that DH said was hideous... :wtf:

    What the heck... I'll just buy it and hopefully he won't even notice them. LOL!
  10. cute story! i agree with rileygirl, get the most expensive one :graucho:
  11. Great story.... Can't wait until tomorrow.:yahoo:For a fun day of shopping.
  12. Yay!! Can't wait to meet everyone!
  13. That is the BEST story!! LOL!!! I can just see two men gabbing away over beers about their wives' LV spending. Great visual!

    Have fun spending DH's money tomorrow...you deserve it!!
  14. That's a really cool story!
  15. Have fun. What a great story.