DH unhappy with my LV purchase at Ebay...

  1. Last Sunday my DH asked me if I wanted to go to NM and get the Prada Antic Satchel that I wanted...
    But I told him that I already used the money he gave me to buy a speedy 25 and a BH last week at ebay...
    He went silent then asked why? and I didn't know what to tell him...
    I just said that I found realy good deals at ebay and that the LV's were only more than a couple of months old.
    Then he said... "but still used..." and went silent again.
    We both just dropped the subject and didn't mention or talk about it again.

    Sorry for long post... just wanted to share...
    Dont even know what to think of this incident...
    But it's in my head and it bother's me... dont know how it affects me but it does...:sad:
    what do you think?

    I'm not sure if this thread belongs here, (maybe the mods could just move it if necessary... thanks!):flowers:
  2. Aww maybe he wanted to go shopping with you? Just explain you love the LV´s more!
  3. Hmm, is your DH uncomfortable about 2nd hand items? Maybe you could ask him what was it that bothered him? Authenticity, pride etc? I'm sure he'll understand once you explain to him why you preferred eBay instead of going over to NM for that Prada.

    I mean, my DH would be happy that I saved money so he's usually hung up on the authenticity issue when I buy off eBay. :P
  4. I would bring it up again and ask him why it's bothering him? Explain to him that you were able to buy 2 bags for the price of one...maybe even show them to him to show what great condition they are in.
    Sometimes men don't get the thrill of a good find on ebay!
  5. I know he does... he loves to see me jump up and down whenever he buys me my precious purses!
    oooh! but I also love the thrill of finding great deals and winning them on ebay!:P
    I know he is not comfortable with used stuff...
    He says why would anyone want someone else's junk... whenever we see garage sales or...
    whenever he wants to throw away stuff we dont use and I tell him we could just send the stuff to this and that...
    he'd say why would you want to give your junk to anyone?

    I think I would just wait for the Bh to get here and then show him how beautiful they are and got two for the price of one!
    plus maybe one more wallet!:shame:
  6. Well at least he's sweet and considerate only wanting to buy you the best bags? :heart: I'm sure you guys can talk it out, and congrats on getting the two great finds on ebay!
  7. ^ I think that's it, too. He probably wanted to take you shopping and wanted to see you go through the whole experience of buying a new bag and knowing in his mind he contributed to that whereas if you bought it yourself, he kind of had no part in it, you know what I mean? He probably just felt a little hurt about that.
  8. I love getting awesome deals on ebay too! Just got myself a Luco and an epi scarf! Yesterday it was new flip flops:shame: Although I´ve never been at an LV boutique I still jump around excited about my purchases.
  9. oh no.... now I feel guilty...:sad:
    Coz I think you are sooo right...
    I already used up all the money he gave me... but...
    you think asking him to get me the POCHETTE wallet in Damier
    could make it right??? :sweatdrop:
  10. Sorry about this. My husband would like to see me purchase new bags than used ones. Just his preference, and I happen to agree with him. Please do not take your husband's reaction personally. I happen to know a few other men that feel the same way as your husband.
  11. I'm so sorry about your situation. My DH is the same way. He gets really mad when he sees me looking at bags on Ebay. He hates used bags *and* fakes. I got scammed before, though. :sad: DH hates used bags a lot even if they look brand new. He gets super mad and asks why I would want someone else's undesirables. He hates flea markets, garage sales, vintage shops, antiques, etc. I don't know if there is much you can do to change how your DH feels. Maybe you can try to explain that you are trying to save money. Then again, if he's like my DH, he'll say he'd rather have one brand new bag than 2 used(although mint) bags.:sad:
  12. Maybe, do not open them until he's with you...then he can see you jumping around all excited!
  13. Boy, I wish that was the reason mine was unhappy! :lol: I get the "too many bags" or "too much money". Now that you know, just find a way to work with him on it. That's sweet, actually.
  14. sorry I am like dh...I got a second hand item off ebay and it was a fake and smelled funny...new is soooo nice...he wants the very best for you...you are sooo lucky girlfriend..2nd hand is simply not good enough for his princess...
  15. OK...your husband is pretty cool:yes: ..that he wants to watch you enjoy buying your bag! Mine sat in the car when he bought my pappillon. Just handed me the $! When he sees you open your packages maybe he'll be happier. Best of luck (and enjpy your bags)!