DH Thinks The PF Needs This...

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  1. I was just talking to DH about the PF, and he butts in with "They need a section for Husbands...so they share horror stories about their wives spending habits...Why don't you post that?"....so HA I am:roflmfao: Maybe this would actually be a good thing because then he would see that he's not alone!! Then again...I don't like the idea of him snooping around here:angel:
  2. Im sorry...NO HUBBIES ALLOWED!!!!!

    ROFL..Joking!..Kind of..eh hem!
  3. That is actually not a bad idea....or is it?!!:nuts:My BF would love to have a support group...:roflmfao: He already thinks I'm a raving loon for spending the money I do on purses and makeup...him being allowed on here would just be the icing on the cake when he sees how much time I spend on here...:sweatdrop:
  4. LOL!!!!! No, my DH likes the regular PF, he likes to look at threads with me and comment, especially the funny ones and the drama ones that pop up...:angel:
    Oh ya!!!! Jill he says that he has a good martini for you to try! He's a master bartender LOL!
  5. That thought would give me straight up nightmares!! My dh only knows about this place as the "board". No name, definitely no url! lol
  6. Speaking of martinis... Hubby just bought an electric martini maker. You just put the stuff in the shaker, put it in the base, and press shaken or stirred. It shakes or stirs for a minute or so and voila! Perfect martini! We had an orange/pomegranate martini "invented" for our wedding, so he's been practicing with the leftover booze.

    See, DH doesn't need his own area of tPF. When he has an idea, I post it for him! And when he goes on and on about my spending habits, well, I keep that to myself!

  7. NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!

    If my husband knew how much the bags I buy actually cost, he would have a heart attack. Too risky.
  8. Oh gawd. When it comes to purse spending habits, I staunchly believe that full disclosure to the male counterpart will only lead to demise. My BF knows about tPF but has wisely chosen to stay away -- good for me, good for him, good for us, good all around. :yes:
  9. see, my DH knows how much everything costs, and all he says is 'well, it might take a little longer for you to get than a Coach bag'....he's such a doll :smooch:
  10. I would probably look good compared to some of the others, lol
    People think I have a lot of bags, probably only 10. He should see some of the handbag collections of others.
  11. I don't think it's too bad of an idea, but if people's DHs visited tPF... then how would we be able to hide our purchases? ;)
  12. lol BF calls himself a Vuitton Widow lol he has a TPF membership but he never gets on the computer lol
  13. DH already thinks I spend too much time on this site. Him spending time on the site, in addition to me, would make things worse!

  14. LMAO!!!I have that elctric martini shaker too!IT ROCKS@!

    OH and Candace....SPILL THE RECIPE GIRL!!!!LOL!:wlae::jammin:
  15. my bf thinks he should join tpf and start posting as'frognyc.' i guess he thinks i spend too much time on here, and he'd get more attention from me that way. little does he know i'd only give him the time of day if he posted pics of marc jacobs bags.:lol: