DH thinks I should go on a 'handbag' diet...

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  1. DH asked me what is it that I want for Valentine's and without hesitating I answered "..a bag!" He made me promised that if he bought me another bag (X'mas I already got a Fendi) I will go on a handbag diet, meaning no handbag until anniversary (December)! The question is will it be enough? When will enough be enough?
  2. Don't feel bad...I'm dieting too. ;)

    We're in it together! :tup:
  3. I'm supposed to be on a handbag diet also. But I have my eyes set on 2 handbags and one of them is a LV Speedy 30 depending on Uncle Sam.
  4. I guess dieting is not so bad..., may be I can have a 'huge' after diet celebration at Hermes at the end of the year :graucho:?