DH takes one look at my new Jumbo Flap and says...

  1. You can't carry your LV wallet with a Chanel bag! You have to go get a Chanel wallet so that you don't look like an idiot!:P
  2. WOW!!! You have trained him well.:lol:
  3. haha lmao
  4. LOOL thats so cute!
  5. hahaha :roflmfao:

    that's so cute!
  6. That's funny!! So what style are you getting?

    I actually wear my Gucci wallet with all my different brand purses, but if I had a DH would wanted me to get matching wallets, who am I to defy his desires?
  7. :wlae: he's the most AWESOME DH ever!!!

    kudos to him for being so understanding and encouraging :yahoo:
  8. Sweet!
  9. classic! he has crossed over to the dark side! well done!


    Hubby's of PFers are a rare breed indeed!
  10. how cute!
    (btw, congrats on a job well done with his training, lol!)
  11. How adorable!!! I have to convince mine of that! LOL
  12. That's so cute!
  13. lol
    you got him well ADVISED
  14. hahahahhahahahahaha....

    you are one lucky girl! :smile:

    most guys are clueless to all this stuff. one of my guy friends looked at my metallic luxe bowler and asked me... "is this coach?"

    and i was like :shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked:

  15. Good boy!