DH surprised my son...

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  1. ... with an adios star stellina! :yahoo: He had a connecting flight from Hong Kong to Manila Phil and saw the lesportsac tokidoki. Since I was asking him about getting a foresta for our son, he found out all about my tokidoki addiction LOL! When he saw the star print, he said it looked more suitable for our son and instantly bought it! He also bought a pirata caramella for me! YAY!

    It's the first time I've seen a stellina IRL and I absolutely looove the size and shape! I have to get one for myself. I am thinking of collecting older prints in this style. I found one last piece of stellina foresta print in HK and I'm having a friend check it out for me. I hope it has good print placment! Can't wait:smile:
  2. congrats! what a sweet thing for your DH to do.
  3. Congratzz! your DH is so sweet!
  4. Ur DH is sooo thoughtful!!! he picked it out himself and everything! thats super kawaii!
  5. What a sweet and thoughtfully dh. Congrats!
  6. Uhhh...sorry for asking, but what is a DH?:confused1: :shame:
  7. how sweet of your dh :biggrin: ...you and your son must be happy!!
  8. Yes, we are estatic! Thanks! :smile: Now if only I can ever figure out how to post pics... sorry ignoramus in the house!
  9. DH = Dear Husband
  10. Thats sooo sweet! He gets extra brownie points for that :yes:
  11. I was wondering the same thing myself? But I felt dumb for asking. At first I thought "divorced husband"? No, it can't be your divorced husband wouldn't buy you a Toki!

    Your hubby is awesome for getting a Toki for your son and picking you up a little something as well! Very thoughtful! If only I could brainwash my hubby into doing that for me! He! He! :noggin:
  12. Awwww - that is really awesome. :smile:
  13. Jeez, lambfashionista...your Karmaloop sig just got me sucked in there.

    And now I really want this!
  14. That would go really nicely with a Pirata bag! I've got my eye on a bunch of the Harajuku Lovers stuff on Karmaloop..
  15. Pirate themed purchases go over better with my husband than most others. :biggrin: