DH saved the Birkin...

  1. ...So
    DH works for Department of Civil Aviation and the other day he was passing by the customs security check area for boarding passengers.
    At some point, as he tells me, a beautiful handbag has caught his eyes: being my DH he defined it as a Birkin (!) in color that I understood was potiron. As he says he couldn't help but following the lady carrying the Birkin with his eyes and has noticed that customs officer ordered her to put her precious Birkin in the X-Ray machine.
    As DH describes the lady was very well dressed French lady in a stylish blouse and trousers outfit in a dark color way and she didn't have anything on her Birkin to protect it from all the horrible and harmful machinery.
    When she was ordered to put her Birkin into that dirty thing for security screening she hesitated and looked so lost and frustrated and begin to approach X-Ray machine as if she was heading towards the guillotine holding her beloved baby close to her heart. At that point my DH, my Knight in Shiny Armors stepped forward and approached the customs officer (CO):
    DH: Hey pall, hold on a second, please. Do you know how much does this bag costs? (this was the only term that CO would understand for he doesn't really care about the beauty, craftsmanship, etc. :p)
    CO: How much really?
    DH gives him an estimate price
    CO: (in shock) Really???
    DH: Indeed. It's called a Birkin. I know I bought those bags for my wife.
    CO: My God! In USD or our local currency?
    DH: USD. Listen, spare the lady from this X-Ray machine, just make a manual check and let her go. You don't want anything to happen to this handbag. Look at the lady: she'd rather squeeze into this X-Ray machine herself with her handbag just to protect it.
    CO: OK, sir. I get it now.
    Now I have to tell you the whole conversation was happening in Arabic and when DH mentioned "Birkin" the French lady got alarmed and rose her head and opened her eyes wide in amazement.
    Then DH spoke to her in French:
    DH: Madam, I greet you on behalf of...Please, do not worry about your bag and just submit it to the manual check.
    Lady: Sir, I can't believe it! I don't know how to thank you! I thank you a million times for saving my baby! I couldn't help but hearing you mentioned a "Birkin" to the officer. You understand Hermes and how precious it is to a lady!?!...
    DH: Well, madam. There is one person who would have definitely killed me if ever found out I let you put a Birkin into the X-Ray machine.
    Lady: Is that one person your wife?
    DH: Yes indeed, madam :smile: Have a safe flight.
    Lady was happy and in shock. She passed the security check with no harm done to her beautiful Birkin and thanked my DH again.
    I hope she left this country with some nice memories :smile:
    I, on the other hand, can only dream that at some point in another country at another security check another Hermes understanding Man will come to my rescue :smile:
    Oh, my DH...he never fails to surprise me :love:, ladies.
  2. :girlsigh: :tender: That's a great story! What an amazing DH you have!
  3. That lady will probably never forget your DH for doing such a nice deed! That is spectacular :smile:
  4. Knight in shining armor, indeed!!
  5. Nice DH!!
  6. very sweet.
  7. omg so sweet of him :tender:
  8. Very sweet!!
  9. What a story! Your DH deserves an award for being a true gentleman. :girlsigh:
  10. What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thanks for sharing your story. I certainly will share it with my husband.
  12. Such a cute story!

    Maybe a Birkin bag is true love!
  13. What a great story!!!!!:nuts:, And what a great man!!!!
  14. WOW! What a GREAT husband!! :tup: And an amazing story! I'd be forever grateful if someone was so kind to me. Thanks for sharing Aminamina! :yahoo:

    But, now this story begs me to ask a question.... :confused1:

    Have any of you been subjected to putting your Birkin or Kelly through an X-Ray machine??? If so, how did you handle it? Or....do we add the airport to the list of places we don't bring our bags to?
  15. This is so sweet. The French lady will always remember what a gentleman your DH was.

    When our bags, coats, shoes, etc go thru the x-ray machine, they are placed in plastic bins. These are not the cleanest, but I haven't seen any filthy ones, either. Do other countries use the bins, or do you place your items right on the belt going thru the x-ray machine? It seems to me that you could place a napkin in the bin, and place your bag on top of that.