DH playing hockey on our anniversary.

  1. Humour me for a moment while I throw myself a pity-party...

    It's our anniversary today. Eight years. My husband is out playing hockey. I just put the kids *all 3!!* to bed and now I get to go and finish the dishes and fold some laundry.

    And I am actually not hurt or mad!! I am actually really excited to have the rest of the evening to myself!! :yahoo:

    Can anyone relate?
  2. OMG you bet!! That is too funny. A couple of times my DH was out of town on my birthday and or doing some pre planned thing with his guy friends on my b-day or our anniversary. I was happy as a clam to have time to myself. And, congrats on 8 years, we hit ours in Nov.
  3. I'd be PISSED, quite time is nice but its nice to spend that special night together.

  4. I would be totally happy if it was any other night. I would be pissed if it was our anniversary. Anniversaries are important to me. Even if it means that we both lie on the sofa watching TV, cuddling.
  5. Wow- I guess I am too much of a B because hubby knows I wouldn't put up with that!

    I am sorry but if you are happy to spend the night by yourself then that's great. I am not trying to sound harsh but you kinda contradicted yourself saying you were throwing yourself a pity party but then saying it didn't hurt or upset you. It's obvious it did upset you otherwise you wouldn't have posted this. I think you need to be honest with yourself and your husband and let him know that this DID upset you. He can play hockey any of the other 360 days a year (birthdays and holidays also excluded). You deserve it. If you don't speak up for yourself then you will never get what you want!
  6. I say buy yourself a new bag tomorrow...so you can really feel GREAT!!!
  7. YEAH!!! I SECOND that! :yes: Even when hubby goes out of town for like two days I tell him I am lonely and always get a new bag because it makes me feel better! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. I agree with your entire post 100%. :yes:
  9. Yeah that would be completely unacceptable to me. :s
  10. ITA!!! :nuts:
  11. Ours will be on Monday, seven years... I'd be rather upset, and so would he, if we couldn't spend our anniversary together. As it is, we've always been on vacation on our anniversary, but this year it just didn't work out quite right, we won't be leaving until Thursday next week for our anniversary trip....

  12. Best suggestion ever annemerrick:yahoo:
  13. I would be pissed. We usually travel on our anniversary as well and if we can't and have to travel at a later date, we still end up doing something special on that day.
  14. I wouldn't be upset -- if we had a few quiet moments together and planned an evening out in the next few days. Personnally, I would rather have a weekend dinner out that one during the week -- less rush etc.

    I do agree with those who said you should let your feelings/needs/wants be known, clearly. I have always found that doing so ensures that I get what I want.
  15. OMG - upon re-reading my original post I can see how I might have sounded contradictory! :confused1: I really just posted that in good humour. I am seriously in no way hurt about the non-anniversary thing! Last night my parents came over for dinner and we laughed about our "romantic" night. My mom and I gave the kids baths together. My oldest daughter had figure skating lessons last night - and with all our extra-curricular activites with the kids, a night out would have been a complete hassle! As it was - it was actually really fun!!

    I appreciate the words of encouragement and I truly didn't mean to mislead anyone - I just thought it was funny - truly!!:yes: :yes:

    We are going out for dinner this weekend to celebrate our anniversary... and as I understand it DH wants to join me on my virgin-trip to LV after his travelling time is over (next two weeks).

    Cheers ladies - and thanks!!! ;)