DH Mad No More Ebay

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  1. Well okay DH is kinda mad at me tonight. I saw a wonderful crimson hamptons round hobo and I had to bid. It is beautiful and I only got it for 115. I paid 198 for my original khaki and chestnut hamptons and I love it so much. Hes mad because it was my 3 month purse and I already have one exactly like it. I guess he has a point but now I cant get another bag until May. Hes putting this bag away until Feb. which is when my 3 months is up. I am on eBay ban until further notice.
  2. Wow, DH should be happy that you got such a great deal! Why do they have to be so pessimistic all the time?
  3. Awww what a bummer, but you did get a insaine deal on that bag! Congrats
  4. Aww I am sorrry. That stinks but maybe it is for the better. I put a limit on myself and I have to stick to it. But you will have to post pics of you new bag once you are able to have it. Now you have twins!
  5. Awww ... I'm sorry :crybaby: At least he isn't making you wait until May for the BAG hahaha
  6. aww sorry to hear that but you know what? Feb will be here in no time!!! Congrats on your good deal:woohoo:
  7. so sorry..but it gives you somethig to look forward too
  8. men stink!!! :yucky:
  9. Men do stink! My DH is part of the reason I'm on a 6-month bag ban...maybe he should be downgraded to just H...or maybe a CHH (Coach-Hating-Husband). :noggin:
  10. You know, the "D" in DH doesn't always have to be "dear"... ;)
  11. February is just around the corner, so it won't be too long. But doesn't he understand the bargain that you caught?

    25 days and counting...:tup:
  12. Husbands!
  13. LMAO i'm so glad he's your hubby because i'd be pulling a brittney right about now. Congrat's on your new bag, i'm sure you're going to enjoy using it come feb.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I'm sure you can do it. Be strong.