DH loves Evelyne

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  1. So, DH went to South Coast Plaza tonight to look around for me. He looked at the Garden Parties, GP Twillies (he said they had a bunch), the P-B (they said they only had a large in black) and then he said his eyes fell on a Blue (I am not sure what blue...he just said "it's blue" :lol: ) Evelyne in Clemence (I think) and he said that it just struck him...like Shopmom's "arrow through the heart" analogy. :happydance: So we will see if she comes home with him. :lol: I hope, I hope, I hope!
  2. It might be Blue Jeans. SCP always have something in Blue Jean whenever I'm there. You have to post pictures of your goodies when your husband brings them home!!!
  3. I love Blue Jean. :smile: I'll be sure to post pics of whatever he ends up getting. :yes: Can't wait til Friday. Dang I feel like a bad wife cause I didn't ask how his business dinner went now that I think about it...I was too excited about his Hermes report. :shame:
  4. WOW Heather!!!!! An Evelyn? In Blue Jean? You will LOVE it!!!!!! It's perfect and you have nothing like it!!!! You'll use that baby every dang day!!!!!

    ok....deep breath.....and POST PICS just as soon as that baby hits home!!!!!!
  5. oh what a sweet hubby! pics please (if he's successful ).
  6. She'd be so perfect for everyday. :yes: I almost wish he wouldn't have told me yet 'cause now I'm obsessed! :lol:
    Anyway, he'll be back late Friday night so we'll see! :girlsigh: He said, would you want to be there when you buy your first H bag or would you want it to be a surprise? I said either way is fine with me!!!! :graucho:
  7. How exciting!!!!!! That sounds like something my DH would say (about the blue!!):lol:

    Can't wait to hear on Friday!!!!!
  8. That is so exciting! What a wonderful hubby! Cannot wait to hear what happens next!!! And please post pics!!!
  9. I couldn't sleep at all last night thinking about it! :lol: When I did I dreamed about Miss Evelyne. :shame:
  10. dh loves evelyn ?.... well my exhusband loved bimbo

    unfortunately we are not talking about the bag

    that is sooo sweet keeping my fingers crossed that you´ll get her :girlsigh:
  12. Thanks Lilach!!! I've got my fingers and toes crossed. :lol: It's been a crazy stressful week. Moving to a new place...even though it is a great place, so stressful! Especially as DH had to go down south so I have been feeling lonely here all by myself. Thanks to you all for keeping me company!!!! Anyway, Miss Evelyne would really cheer me right up! :shame:
  13. shopmom
    bimbo is really a bag by hermès :lol:
  14. H, your DH is such a sweetie!!! Can't wait to see what he brings home :girlsigh:
  15. Lilach....too, too funny.....omg....