DH loved daisy shirt

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  1. I'm wearing my loves me/loves me not daisy tee today. I showed my dh my shirt when he was jerking my chain and wouldn't give me a kiss. I told him read my shirt loves me and then the backside loves me NOT! He got a kick out of it! He says I like that very cute! :p
  2. LOL, I want one of those too! Is it the red shirt?
  3. Yes
  4. Is that the lemon yellow one? How cute! I just may have to get one...Im' afraid the XL won't fit though.....how do you feel in it BW? OH, its the red one! Doesn't the yellow one have the flowers too?
  5. It is the red one. It feels alright. It just fits me. I can't throw it in the dryer though.

    I figured I would just keep the shirts since the shipping was going to kill me.
  6. Yeah, I saw where you said that in another thread. I understand. I have a latte necklace brand new sitting here and kept it....not sure what to do with it....
  7. How about putting a lobster claw clasp on it and hooking it on one of your bags. Use it as a purse charm.
  8. ah I think that shirt is cute :smile: Is the material the same as the other ones? for some reason the red makes it look like the cotton would be thicker
  9. It is still cotton probably has a little poly because it stretches a little. It has a weird texture on it hard to describe almost looks like it is ribbed but not quite more finer. It also has the tiny colored speckled dots all over.
  10. I still have yet to get that shirt...last time I was @ the mall they had it at DEMO...my bf was with me and talked me OUT of buying it :crybaby: Saying how I already had like 7 toki shirts....AHHHH. BOO.
  11. You got 7 Toki shirts!!! :wtf: I can see why your bf talked you out of it! Hmm, I see you went nuts on the tees just not on the bags! :nuts:
  12. HAHAHA, yes. It was because I was in need of a wardrobe change? LOLz. I have toki for everyday of the week now, LMFAO. BUt I'm nice...I gave one to my mom (I had 8)...it didn't match my skin tone so I gave it to her. LOL. The all-over print same as the jacket. But, I am not as crazy as some of you gals..I only have 4 toki bags, 2 denaros and that's it....well until my caramella gets here next week...and umm Transporto when it comes out :supacool:
  13. Let me see I need to go count how many Tokis I have. Okay, I guess I have more than I thought. I have 8 bags! Eek!
  14. Yikes, 8 bags O___o hahaha....2x what i got! lol.
  15. I'm too embarrased to tell. But I'm pretty sure I'm giving LatteGirl a run for her money.