DH knows the way to my heart... it is with Coach!

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  1. My dh has been travelling a LOT. He has been gone every week for quite a while now, and he was majorly in the dog house for not making plans for NYE when it was one of the only nights he would have been home, the weather was safe and we could have had a sitter for the kids (my mom is the only one who watches them, but she won't drive if it is snowing - which is a LOT around here!).

    He was driving home from Iowa last Friday and passed an outlet. I had asked him the last few times he went that way to stop and see what they had, but he protested that he wouldn't know what to get. TO my surprise, he stopped this time and brought me these:


    And since I am not big on long, drawn-out reveals, I'll start with this!

  2. WOW , love the Carly
  3. And while he has never been one to pay attention to detail, and I think the SA might have suggested this to him, he bought this to go with it!


    A little closer look:
  4. So far he has very good taste! :tup:
  5. That plum is TDF !!!
  6. And to my shock, he also bought this. He said he knew how frustrated I was that I had nothing to carry my jewelry in when we travel, and he didn't want me to have to risk losing anything again. What a sweet thought, even though I am terrified of ruining the satin:

  7. And that's all! A group shot:

  8. What a sweet DH!!!! He did so well! Congrats on all of your new gorgeous items!
  9. Fabulous purchases!!
  10. How sweet of him! And for someone who claims to not know what to get, he sure did a fabulous job! Congrats!
  11. AWWWWW....that's such a sweet story! I love everything! congrats!
  12. Gorgeous... I have been hemming and hawing over those Carly's.. either in Black, Navy, or Plum.... She is soooo pretty.... I just may head to the Outlet this weekend... yet again... LMAO....
  13. And your Hubby did a GREAT job buying for you.....
  14. Sweet! Love that purple!
  15. What a thoughtful , husband!

    My husband has been on my list:cursing: for awhile now , he just does not understand Coach, so I know he would never buy any for me , much less stop at the outlet when he travels. I am always bringing him things home that I see he would like, I am lucky if he remembers to bring me a Dr Pepper home after work,LOL
    I love him anyway, so I guess I will keep him.:yes::heart: