DH keeps telling everyone how much my Speedy cost! rop

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  1. Last night my girlfriend was over and asked my DH how much my new bag was. He told her! I overheard him and said to him "don't tell anyone how much my bag was." He said it wasn't a big deal cuz it was my very good friend. I know she was just asking out of curiousity so I agreed.

    Then today he told me he saw another girlfriend of ours and she said she just got a new bag and showed him. It was a "LV". He said "oh yeah my wife just got a new bag and it cost $600 and its LV too." She said "oh mine was $25, it's a fake." :Push:

    I cannot believe he told another person! WTH? It's not even like he thought $600 was crazy to spend on a bag (he has a "if you like something, get it" mentality). He even said that once he told her he couldn't believe he did since I asked him not to. He felt like he said it cuz it was something to contribute to the conversation. LOL. :P

    So then he went on "I could tell hers looked fake, plastic-like." :yucky: I started on why I think its wrong to buy fake bags and he completely agreed. That's nice. I would have been annoyed if he adopted the attitude that the $25 fake was just the same different as my real one.

    I told him that payback will be a *****. He just got a promotion but doesn't know what his new salary will be. I said once he tells me I'm telling everyone!! LOL. That will teach him.:biggrin: (joking, I wouldn't really do that).

    BTW, this friend that bought the fake she goes up to NYC and buys tons of fake LV stuff from street vendors. I think she has a whole set of fake LV luggage. She is a LAWYER (not saying she is loaded but she's ain't poor). It just boggles my mind that she spends tons of $$ on fake stuff. :yucky: :yucky:
  2. What can I say...men are just plain clueless! LOL! If my PHH ever knew how much I really spent..ooohh...ouch..I would be a goner!LOL!
  3. Men.
    Whenever my DH gets on my case about my LVs, I wander over to his speakers..."Huh, 5K for some wood, metal, and mesh fabric. Give me 2K and I'll make you some for a discount. " Shuts him right up. :smile:
  4. My DH is telling every woman he knows how much he is going to spend on my bag. It's starting to really bug me. He starts off, saying, if your husband or SO gives you his credit card and says buy a bag you like, how much would you spend? Most of the women say between $300 - $500 (one woman actually said $5K, yeah! :P ). Then he does his punch line and says, "Guess how much my wife wants to spend? $1.5K!!!" Then they all tell him what a great husband he is! :blink:

    Well, the humour is wearing thin. All his female friends must think I'm really high maintenance now, even though HE offered to get me a bag in Paris! :shocked:

    So, I can fully empathise with you and your DH. Sigh... Men!
  5. She could've not bought all the fakes and have maybe 2 or 3 authentic pieces!
  6. Oh I think that is kind of sweet. It's like maybe he's proud that he can afford or both of you can afford to get a bag like that worth that amount of money and he wants the world to know just how much he loves you!! I know that is not measured with how much your bag costs, but you know men, maybe to them it's kind of a symbol of their success too, you know, getting their wife an expensive bag just because she wants it. At any rate, it's better than the husbands who think it's stupid to spend that amount on a bag.
  7. I totally agree! :biggrin:
  8. My DH didn't tell people how much my bags cost, he just said "more than he wants to pay"
  9. My DH just tells people "it's the most expensive piece of plastic I've ever been forced to buy" in referece to almost any LV bag I carry.

    He doesn't get it.
    But he DOES get my disdain for fakes as he is the same way. That's fine by me.
  10. At least your DH is not complaining to everyone he sees about the cost of your bag! Maybe it's pride or something, like giant diamond on a woman's finger. My DH would love to tell his family about the cost of my LV bags - but I won't let him.

    Your friend should be ashamed of herself.
  11. my dh does the same thing!
  12. Please...I am new...what is a DH? All I can think of is "dear husband". Can someone fill me in?
  13. Yep, DH means Dear Husband or if you are pissed Damn Husband :roflmfao:
  14. Well actually I bought my Speedy for myself, so it could be that he's proud I can afford it.....I don't think so though. I think he just is surprised bags are that expensive or something.......or maybe its what he said "it was something to say to contribute to the conversation."
  15. Good one..never thought of it :roflmfao: :roflmfao: