DH is soooo mad at me :(

  1. OK, here it goes. Dh and I are having a wonderful afternoon at home watchin' TV, and just enjoying each others company, when I realize that I need to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart. So, I get into my Tahoe and back out of my garage when I hear "BAM"!!!, I think to my self holy sh*t!!!!! So, I get out of my car to assess the damage, and tears start flowing uncontrollably out of my eyes when I see what I have done, I knocked in the left rear side of my Tahoe, and knocked in the front left side of his Z71!!! He is soooo mad at me, it was just a accidient!!:sad: He won't even talk to me, what so I do? Thanx for the rant!!
  2. I am sooo sorry. I smashed my hubby's car into a pole a couple of months ago when I was rushing to buy something from Tiffany. He was also very, very mad at me. I just let him cool down and after awhile he was okay. Hopefully giving your hubby some time and space he'll come around.
  3. Thanks rileygirl!
  4. Boy, I know that feeling. He will mellow out after a while, just leave him alone and let him muddle it around in his mind, don't talk to him until he cools off. What a pisser sorry that happened.
  5. oooh, i'm sorry.
    the only thing i'll do in this situation is just let him be, don't apologize too much it'll only made him feel sadder or madder, he might needs some time to be alone and feel sad about his car.
    be nice with him, and everything's will be ok soon :yes:
  6. Aww, he he just needs to time to cool off. I'm sure he'll forgive you eventually..

    Question: What's a Z71? Is it some kind of truck? Can it be fixed?
  7. I'm sorry that he is mad at you. My mom backed into my car a couple of weeks ago and I was fuming mad. But she left me alone and I calmed down. I agree with what everyone is saying about leaving him to be alone for a little. =)
  8. Ouch!! So sorry that happened to you. I did that to a parked Porsche once with my suv. It really is hard to see what's parked behind you when you have a big suv. Just give him some time to calm down and he'll come around. I hope you're not hurt. Take a hot bath.
  9. Apologize and offer to pay for the damage.

    (Or just sex him up real good!)
  10. Just give him time to watch B-ball on TV or play computer games. He'll eventually come around. Men and their cars. . it's like their other little appendage! :p
  11. I agree, with both.. let him know you will take care of it, insurance wise etc and you will make it up to him ASAP, things heal better when theyre done faster... I hit my BF's car once and he was sooo mad, fuming, I was kinda scared for my life, and I called in a favor and got it fixed in less than 24 hours. So sorry about this, I know how you feel, but he has to know it wasnt intentional.
  12. Oh man! Stuff happens! Total unfortunate accident. I drove through the garage door partially once...I thought it was open and I was rushing to pick up my kids from preschool. Dented the car and we needed a new garage door. Luckily dh is cool when accidents happen. It's not like I meant to do it (although we did need a new door).
  13. Hey, it was an accident, that's what you've got insurance for..Let him cool off a bit and pamper him to show you're sorry, at least no one got hurt!;)
  14. accidents happen. he'll learn to deal with it.
  15. Just give him time to chill. It is a car and everyone is ok.