DH is pushing for a 25 cm, but…

  1. My DH has such a good eye for things. So, we agreed that I can get a Kelly for my 40th, still a little while away.

    We have been into H a few times to look. I had thought, as expressed on an earlier thread, 28 cm rigid black box. Great for a first Kelly.

    He fell in love with a 25 cm rigid in chocolate Epsom, also rigid.

    I trust him so much, but have not had such a small bag in years. Could he be onto something?

    He also thinks that this will be my last Kelly. We’ll worry about that one later.
  2. dh doesnt have to wear /carry it..............
  3. Dear Ms. KH:

    25rigid is a bit SMALL, so you might want to see it/feel it and then decide....
  4. Think the 25 in Kelly is too small and you should go with the 28 as you first thought. Give him the "it is more practical" speech and I think he will see it your way:smile:
  5. Thanks. I do need to stick to my guns Carrie
  6. LOL.

    I saw a 25cm rigide chocolate Kelly in epsom today, and although beautiful, it would not be as versatile as black box. And a 25cm is pretty much only an evening bag (or if you had a daytime event), whereas the 28cm could be carried as a day into evening bag.
  7. A 25 is indeed beautiful, but in rigid it would hold even less than supple and it would be difficult to use as a day bag.
    That said, I do use my 25 as a day-to-night bag. But it is supple.
    Also, although I love my 25 a lot and find her a very special size bag (great for cocktail, e.g. when I use shoulder strap, and for date nights when I want something more convenient than a clutch), I would not choose a 25 over a 28. I would only choose it in addition to a 28.
  8. Go with a 28cm. Its more versatile.
  9. I think you should go for 28 instead of 25. :yes:
  10. Men always think they know what's best....:rolleyes: Plus they love to control as much as they can. I can't tell you how many pair of strange shoes/boots/clothes are in my closet never worn but bought because DH insisted I either looked great in them or they were somehow perfect for me. Oiy......

    I have since learned that unless he's going to wear it or tote it or carry it or otherwise hang it somewhere on his body, he doesn't get to choose. He can have an opinion which I will gladly listen to....but the ultimate decision is mine.

    SO! Go with your first thought because that is usually the right one!
  11. Bigger is always better.
  12. A 25 is good as an evening bag, it can't really hold much for the day. That said, it sure hold a lot more than a pochette.
  13. Your gut instincts are right on.

    25 is a bit too small. I feel that a size 28 or 32 expresses a kelly so much better. Besides, they will have better resale values too if you want to clean out your closet in the future.
  14. I think it is sweet that your DH picked a demure, ladylike Kelly. A breath away from a clutch, the bag ladies usually carry on our most special nights.

    ... But your heart is set on a more day to day basis. Tell him more about why your dreambag is your dream. Maybe then he'll see it a bit more your way and be glad to be part of it :smile:
  15. Definitely a 28cm instead of a 25cm. I have mini Kellys, a 28cm and a 32cm and a 28cm is great for everyday.