DH is no help!

  1. I’ve been trying to loose weight about 10-15lbs. following the South Beach Diet and doing cardio 3x a week as well as Pilates 3x a week, I’m trying to be good but last night my DH brought home a huge bag of dark chocolate covered cranberries my very favorite then he sat in bed eating them. I couldn’t even concentrate on my book! I just wanted to get my fat jeans out of the draw and strangle him with them!! I can’t understand why he would do that, anything else and I wouldn’t have cared, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth except for Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries and Fudge.
  2. So funny !! :lol:

    Maybe he's trying to say that he likes you the way you are ? ;)
  3. Oh! That sucks! My hubby did that with m&ms- aka crack- I wanted to kill him! Good for you though for working so hard! It's ok if you had a little splurge, just get back on track! And with that regimen and diet- you will be at your goal in no time! And keep those fat jeans nearby to keep you motivated!
  4. omg that's hilarious, at least u resisted it's when u give in the guilt starts because u wasted all that time trying to loose those extra pounds so that u could gain it again. i wish i had the power u did, i ate chips the other day at work :cry: and chocolate :cry: i'm trying to loose 10 lbs :cry: and my membership at the gym is done this weekend until the new gym opens up at the beginning of May...:cry:
  5. Poor you!!! My DH brought ME home a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream. At 10:00 pm, mind you! I'm also trying to drop a few lbs for summer and have been really really good lately! So what did I do? Sat at the computer, here on the PF, stuffing my face with Chunky Monkey! He meant well, I'm sure but now I have to do a little more excercise to counter that Monkey!
  6. Oh rats, that's nasty!
    Sounds like a few of us are goin' for the drop, should we start a thread on how we are doin' to support ourselves?
  7. That's very mean, but I have to admit, it sounds like something I would do to my boyfriend :shame: . He loves dark chocolate, and is desparately trying to stop eating it so much. The other day, I purchased a huge bar of dark chocolate from Whole Foods as a treat for him, and he got really mad....but ate it anyway.
  8. My husband does the same thing. Its a control thing. I would have stuffed the cranberries up his nose while he was sleeping! Oh for me its cold M&M (it is crack to me!). If my husband even says M&Ms when I am dieting I will beat the stuffing out of him!

  9. maybe your hubbie thinks it's irrisistably cute when you squirm!
  10. LOL
    I hate that. My DH has the metabolism of chihuahua on crack while I think mine has slowed down to sloth-like speed.

    Congrats on your Pilates and Cardio regiment though! Stay strong and kick your DH outta bed. LOL
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Well, he's being insensitive at best. One thing I found was that when I cut the sugar out of my diet, after a couple of weeks I stopped craving it. People could be eating Krispy Kreme's right in front of me and I wasn't phased. Hang in there, have a nice cup of green tea instead, and think serene thoughts. :P
  13. LOL! Mine does too, though he claims it's starting to slow down a bit. He's getting a little roll around his (otherwise skinny) middle.