DH is going to try to bring me a little something from Coach

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  1. Talked to him tonight and he said he's going to try to have someone take him by the outlet that is right on the way between where he's staying right now (his sister's) and where he is going to stay most of the next week (back at his brother's). I told him about the umbrellas and scarves that are at the outlets now a couple of nights ago (when I lost an auction eBay for one) and he's going to try to get one for me. He said if they don't have any (that outlet is not the best unfortunately) or if they can't stop on the way, we can go to the outlets here next Sunday :yahoo: (but I'm going to make sure he's up to being in a car for that long so it might be the next weekend).:love:
  2. OMG yer Hub is such a doll!!! How's he doing???
  3. Awww that is so sweet of him!!!
  4. Aw so sweet of your DH! Sounds like he is recovering well if he if offering to shop for you. How thoughtful! :girlsigh:
  5. That is sweet of him. I am glad he is feeling better. I know you will be glad when he is able to come home.
  6. He's weaning himself off of the pains meds pretty well...mainly taking regular Tylenol now. His f/u appt is VDay and then he should be home next Sat the 16th :yahoo:

  7. Hoooooray!
  8. Yay for getting new Coach goodies and for your hubby finally being able to come home!
  9. I am happy to hear he is doing well.. :smile:
  10. Excellent! So glad to hear he's doing better!
  11. Wonderful. I'm glad he is doing well.
  12. i was wondering how he was also, i'm glad to hear he's doing good!
    i hope you get a great Vday gift!
  13. Him being home will be the best gift but I certainly wouldn't turn down a little something Coach :graucho:
  14. YAY!! I'm so glad your DH is doing well, and will be home soon! :smile: I hope you get a little pretty something as well. ;)
  15. Jenn, how sweet of him! Glad he'll be home with you soon!