DH is going to shoot me if he finds out...

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  1. This morning, I was looking through a few photos I'm turning into a slideshow...and I had to share this one.


    ...can you see the glazed over look in his eyes? It speaks of "How much more time can she spend in here, haven't we seen everything?" Wonder if all guys we drag into boutiques get this look... LOL He's a trooper though!

    But he'd still shoot me if he found out I have a picture of him inside a boutique... so shhh...:heart:
  2. Mine gets that same look.
  3. At least he will step in to the boutique with you, I dont think my husband has even been inside a mall or department store in 6 or 7 years.
  4. Hahahaha that is too cute! Mine gets that look too!
  5. My husband and son stand outside of the store and "pick up chicks", as my son told me, when I go to Coach! Gee, wonder where he got that phrase from?!!! thats ok - as long as he's paying!!!
  6. oh! that's the Legacy Boutique on Bleecker St! i was just there last Sunday and i think that guy helped me.
  7. I recall that my BF made extra time so we could go visit a Coach boutique and I said, "No thanks," and he was stunned that I refused and our schedule to do things was considerably shortened. Yeah, he had that tone in his voice that matches that look on your DH's face.

    Take care,
  8. Yup! Was in NY on vacation, so I *cough* planned that day's outing and oh look...it's the Coach boutique I wanted to go to...LOL :smile:. Same guy helped me too. I actually liked all the SAs there- just fab!
  9. Mine just sits in the husband chair and plays his DS.
  10. Hahaha! That's so funny. My husband gets the same look whenever I drag him into a Coach boutique. Luckily, the Apple store is right next door to Coach, so usually he just goes over there.
  11. Haha, that's funny. You have such a pretty boutique by you!
  12. LOL he looks funny! Mine has a similar look too but he sits in the "husband chair" like someone above called it. He usually plays games on his phone or texts me a fake he spotted on someone in the store. It's pretty funny. Sometimes he follows me around when i need his opinions.
  13. That is such a pretty boutique! WOW!

    In an unrelated note, your dh kinda reminds me of my bf. Same build, some clothing "style", same hat I think. :smile:
  14. I was wondering where that boutique was--it looks different from other COACH boutiques. It's fancy!

  15. Your husband is such a trooper for patiently waiting for you. My husband usually goes into the Coach store with me, but I think it's so he can innocently flirt with the SAs. Hey, if that's what it takes for him to go shopping with me, I no problem with it!