Dh is going to murderize me!

  1. Dh is going to murderize me! I just got done chatting with him from overseas, we can IM about every few days, and I told him about the Coach boots. He said they were huge but he thinks they are sexy. THEN, he asked me how much they cost. I avoided the question. I then emailed him after we got done and said 280. He guessed 500 dollars so hopefully after he opens his email, he won't want to murderize me so bad!!! Am I asking for it or what?? :sweatdrop:

    On a side note, dh is a very laidback guy who lets me deal with the finance and do with the extra what I please. As long as the kids have clothes, are fed and have a roof over their head. I have just never spent that much on footwear before. Only purses! :lol:
  2. LOL too funny!
  3. hehhee...you know, he might not be so mad when he sees you wearing those boots in person!:graucho:
  4. They are so worth it!!!!
  5. Oh man.. well atleast he can have time to relax before he will be around you. ;) If he guessed 500 I think he will be happy! :tup:
  6. LOL...just think of it as saving him $220.00 since he thought it was around $500.00!:lol:
  7. Good thinking!!! I just think in 6 months he will see how many bags/coach items I have. hehehe
  8. I would have said, 'yes, you guessed it right--$500', and gone and spent the other $220!!!!!!!!:yes:
  9. haahaa that is so funny!
  10. Your title is too cute! :smile:
  11. I yet have to put my toe over the $100 line for shoes....... but I'm sure it'll be worth it!!!!