DH is going to hate this.....

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  1. but I decided that is time that I wandered over to this subforum to play! I don't have any H goods (yet!), but would eventually love a Birkin or a Kelly (at least I put that in the singular form for DH).

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you gals better and learn about all the various leathers and colors.
  2. YEAH!!! Welcome to the dark side Addictopurses!!! :graucho:I love it when one of my good friends ventures over here- you will love it!
  3. WELCOME, Addictedtopurses!!!!! Hopefully, your DH has a great sense of humour and loves you to pieces 'cause those are two qualities (well plus a fat credit card) a Dh has to have to survive this sub-forum! JK!!!! Glad to have you over here on the DARK SIDE!!!!!!!! Post away...................
  4. So, when DH freaks can I blame you?

    Btw, did you buy that lotto ticket yet? I've got 2 for tonight's mega!
  5. Welcome!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. Welcome!!! Nice to see you over here on the Orange side!
  7. I am a newbie in this sub-forum myself but want to say WELCOME!!!:welcome:
  8. Does this mean that your screen name no longer fits?

    Btw, thanks for the warm welcome ladies.
  9. But of course! And you better believe I am buying that ticket tomorrow! We have a lot of work to do!!!:graucho:

  10. DH just walked in and read your post. He said to tell you that it is yes to the first two and HELL NO to the fat CC...

    He also mumbled something about target bags under his breath as he walked out of the room......if he only knew what he was in for....
  11. LOLOL!!!!! OK.....here's a man with a good sense of humour.......break him in easy, Addictedto........
  12. welcome to the dirty side...;)!!
  13. That's exactly what it means!:shame: :nuts: :graucho: I think I will change it as soon as my H bags outnumber my LVs!!!:wlae:
  14. Absolutely! We could really do some damage with the mega millions. Plus, dh could stop sweating! He just IMed his best friend's wife to ask her what a Hermes bag costs. I sure hope she doesn't tell him b/c he may have a stroke!
  15. Wow! That will be an impressive number of H bags b/c I recall a pretty extensive LV collection.....