DH is finally asleep so it's time for a reveal

  1. Let me start off by thanking all the wonderful members of the Hermes forum. This forum has provided me with valuable information that eventually led to my first (and second) acquisitions.

    Now that DH is finally asleep, Bag #2 can finally come out of the closet to play with Bag #1.
    Orange Boxes Resized.JPG
  2. Ok...:popcorn:
  3. Can't wait!!:drinks:
  4. OK we can be quiet, you know us!!!!
  5. Wooo hoooo DH is asleep:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:...oooooooooooooohhhhh....I'm excited
  6. Cute title "now that DH is asleep" -- looking forward to this reveal.
  7. Hints are always good!!!! and fun!!!!!
  8. Oh.....anytime you have to wait for a DH to be in bed....you know it's gonna be good....
  9. Just in case DH wakes up, I'll try to make this quick. So here's my first Hermes Birkin purchase.
    Choco Birkin Resized.JPG
  10. It's a 30 cm Choco Togo GH Birkin.
  11. Well thud!!! thud meaning I love it !!! you did well!!!
  12. Gulp, gorgeous and there is a 2nd? Doesn't hubby know?
  13. Stunning! Let's see the rest!
  14. Congrats! She's beautiful!
  15. a chocolate beauty!