DH is all proud of himself for recognizing a Mono Speedy on his own (ro)

  1. when he saw a lady carrying it during lunch at the work cafeteria.

    He said it was brand spanking new because the leather handles were almost white, and she was carrying it on her arm over the sleeves, rather than holding it in her hands. "like how you carry your Carryall because you're nuts about the handles".

    He has come a long way, even though he still calls Damier "checker pattern".
  2. That is so funny and cute!

    My boyfriend doesn't know the names yet ("Speedy", etc...) but we're working on it lol!
  3. Very cute. My DH knows what a speedy is because of me and it cracks me up.
  4. He's learning! My DH noticed a Speedy one time and he asked, "why aren't your handles black?" Uh, 'cause I clean mine.:rolleyes:
  5. so cute.
  6. So cute.
  7. DH doesn't know the names at all...but does like to guess real or fake when we go out.
  8. Awww that's cute!
  9. Very cute, thanks for sharing.
  10. Here's to all of our men that try their best to share in the things we like!!!!!
    We're lucky to have them!!!!:yahoo:
  11. haha, cute! My bf doesn't know bags at all, but once we were walking and he saw a girl with a speedy and he said "Oh god (as in gee another sucker who wastes money on this stuff)......that's like your bag"

  12. hahaaa :nogood::wacko:
  13. Cute story! My (now ex) BF actually got into it a little too...gotta give the guy credit for trying!
  14. Haha too funny. When my bf and I were in Vegas, he said he really liked my bag (I had the Viva Cite MM) and my Groom wallet (I had the red pochette one).
  15. Cute! My DH on the other hand goes like "so is that a fake?" whenever we see one with LV...but im not losing hope he'll learn...:smile: